The image shows Adrian Smith holding the pic which is now a meme.(Twitter/@DrAdrianSmith)
The image shows Adrian Smith holding the pic which is now a meme.(Twitter/@DrAdrianSmith)

Man discovers his childhood pic is a popular meme. His tweet on it is now viral

Adrian Smith first stumbled upon his online alter-ego while scrolling through Instagram.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta
PUBLISHED ON DEC 12, 2020 06:18 PM IST

“Here’s a very 2020 thing I just learned about myself,” this is how a Twitter thread by Adrian Smith, a scientist, starts who recently discovered that a picture from his childhood has been a popular meme for years. Now, the thread is also going all kinds of viral. Chances are the way he shared the news with the world may make you giggle and also praise Smith’s spirit.

In his main tweet, Smith shared two images. One of the pictures is from his childhood that is now a meme. The other photo shows Smith holding the very same image. He tweeted that this viral meme image was taken when he was a third-grader and about 8 years old.

If you’re wondering how such a pic ended up on the Internet, then Smith has answered that too in a followup tweet.

“27 years ago, the only place this picture lived was on a wall by my grandma’s backdoor. In maybe 2008 I submitted it to a laser portrait themed tumblr blog called “We Have Lasers!!!!!!!!”. It’s had its own weird internet life since,” he wrote.

In other tweets, he also wrote about the origin story of the meme. Turns out, back in 2017 a memer named TeenageStepdad transformed the life of the picture and gave it a space in the meme world. Smith even got in touch with the creator who offered to kill off the character but he refused, reports the BBC.

“I had options - I could ignore it, I could get mad about it, or I could embrace it and make it part of my story now, and have it out there as an example of the chaotic randomness that happens with stuff on the internet that we put there,” he told the BBC.

Smith also shared about the various places where the meme has been used.

People were all too excited about the whole thread and it has now gone viral. They couldn’t stop appreciating Smith for embracing his online alter ego.

“Best thing just happened - my husband sent this to me and I was confused and asked if he came across you through my Twitter or something and then he was confused...he didn’t know I knew you and just came across an article and thought it was a fun story,” wrote a Twitter user. To which, Smith replied “OMG, that’s incredible.”

“This entire thread is amazing,” expressed another. “That’s hilarious,” commented a third. “This is wild. You seem to have a sense of humor about it. Thanks for sharing this,” praised a fourth.

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