This image was shared on September 15.(Instagram/@punepolicecity)
This image was shared on September 15.(Instagram/@punepolicecity)

Pune Police’s ‘I can make it!’ post conveys an important message about road safety. Seen it yet?

“Haste makes waste,” says a line of the caption shared alongside the post.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Sanya Budhiraja
PUBLISHED ON SEP 15, 2020 12:29 PM IST

Some may recall the nursery rhyme on traffic lights that’s taught to children. The classic, “Green means go; yellow means slow; and red means stop!” song is not just highly fun to sing, but also conveys a vital road safety message that is important in ensuring citizens’ safety. Now, the Pune Police has given a twist to this message with their ‘haste makes waste’ post to remind adults how to correctly follow the traffic lights.

This image was shared on the Pune Police’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts on September 15. “Haste makes waste. Don’t be in a rush to beat the timer,” reads the text shared alongside the picture. The hashtag #RoadSafety has been posted alongside the share.

The photograph has been designed to show three speedometers. Above each is a traffic light. Words reading, “I can make it!” have been written over the lights, each of which shows a specific time limit. Take a look at the post to understand Pune Police’s message about road safety.

The post aims to tell drivers that rather than speeding to cross the traffic signals, when the light turns to yellow, they should do what the yellow light signifies, as suggested in the nursery rhyme, i.e. slow down.

Since being shared on social media, this creative advisory post has received support from netizens. It currently has nearly 150 likes on Instagram. Additionally, an individual commented on the post on Twitter, saying, “Lovely message. Hats off to the creator”.

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