A bird’s eye view of a train along the Chilika Lake.(Twitter@RailMinIndia)
A bird’s eye view of a train along the Chilika Lake.(Twitter@RailMinIndia)

Stunning spectacle: Pictures tweeted by Indian Railways capture the country’s beauty perfectly

Shared by Indian Railways, each picture is mesmerising.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta
PUBLISHED ON SEP 06, 2020 11:42 AM IST

Our country is full of incredibly beautiful places. And these images shared by Indian Railways showcase that perfectly. These pictures show trains crossing through amazingly beautiful places around India.

Shared just a day ago on August 5, this image is a bird’s eyes view “of an Express train winding its way along the Chilika Lake” in Odisha. To say that this image is stunning is an understatement.

“Stunning spectacle! A bird’s eye view of an Express train winding its way beautifully along the Chilika Lake, the largest coastal lagoon in India and the second largest brackish water lagoon in the world,” the image is shared with this caption.

Then there is this image of another express train passing through Aryankavu, Kerala. “An Express train meanders through the exuberant greenery near Aryankavu, a beautiful hill station located amid Western Ghats in Kollam District of Kerala - In the picturesque Sengottai - Punalur section of Southern Railway,” wrote the department while sharing the image.

Not of a train passing through but these images shared back in August capture the beauty of Mayakonda station located in Karnataka. Shared with the caption, “Beautiful view of train at Mayakonda station between Chikjajur and Davangere of Mysuru Division of SWR,” the images are spectacular.

Here is an image which gives a magnificent view of a beautiful landscape near Khirai, Kharagpur Division in West Bengal. “Visually appealing! Glimpse at the sprawling marigold blossoms and Speeding train - Beautiful landscape near Khirai, Kharagpur Division,” the department wrote and shared this image.

On most of the pictures, people wrote “wow” or “amazing” to express their reactions. There were also some who shared heart emojis.

What do you think of the images? Which picture do you like the best?

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