The tea making process has now left people angry.(TikTok/@jchelle36)
The tea making process has now left people angry.(TikTok/@jchelle36)

Woman shows ‘how to make British tea,’ video angers people. Tea lovers call it ‘gross’

The video shows how to make a cup of hot British tea and it has now infuriated people.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta
UPDATED ON JUN 10, 2020 03:02 PM IST

If you are a tea lover, then there is a chance that you like your drink in a particular way. It includes everything from brewing the leaves in the correct temperature to adding just the right amount of sugar or not. It other words, when it comes to tea, many are quite specific and probably that is the reason this British tea tutorial video has now left people infuriated.

Initially posted on TikTok, the video is now being shared by many across different platforms. It shows a woman teaching people how to make British tea.

In the video, which features the woman and her daughter, she warms up a cup of water in the microwave. Then her daughter adds milk in hot water, puts in a tea bag followed by some sugar. The clip ends with the woman saying. “and that’s how you make hot tea.”

This, however, is not the only tea making video which has left people horrified. A few days ago, a Twitter user shared another video of hers where she is seen making “hot tea.” In the video, she uses a large bowl to mix instant tea, Tang (yes, the orange instant mix), Lemonade powder, clove powder, cinnamon powder and lots of sugar. Then she adds two spoons of the mixture in hot water to make “hot tea.”

Both the videos have garnered millions of views and thousands of not-so-appreciative comments. While several people expressed their anger, some called the recipes “gross.” Several others couldn’t understand why someone would “ruin” tea.

“I am British and this is most definitely NOT how you make tea,” angrily wrote a Twitter user. “I’m traumatised after watching this. Oh, Lord!” wrote another. “I don’t even drink tea and I am angry. The coffee equivalent would be: Add one teaspoon of Camp coffee, one gallon of cola, six packets of dog biscuits and sprinkle with yoghurt,” expressed another.

A Twitter user jokingly wrote, “Where are the Police.” To this, Cann Hall police department replied, “We are equally horrified by this. Despicable attempt at tea,” and shared this GIF.

“I was already judging at instant tea and then it turned into a nightmare,” expressed another.

What do you think of these tea making tutorials?

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