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Home decor: 9 budget friendly tips for luxurious interior design

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Jun 13, 2024 02:00 PM IST

Want to create a luxurious home interior space on a budget? Check out these 9 pocket-friendly decor tips for a luxurious design

Are you looking for low-cost interior decor tips to create a luxurious look and feel for your home design but on a budget? It seems quite a daunting task but with strategic planning you can create an opulent space without breaking the bank.

Home decor: 9 budget friendly tips for luxurious interior design (Photo by Blue Lotus)
Home decor: 9 budget friendly tips for luxurious interior design (Photo by Blue Lotus)

Creating a luxurious space on a budget is all about proper planning and prioritising key elements and you can turn your home into a tranquil space by making elegant choices instead of the exorbitant ones. Just remember, your home makes a personal statement and should exude your uniqueness.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Pallavi Sethi, Co-Founder of Indeva Furniture Design, suggested top tips to help you create a profoundly unique space of your dreams:

  1. Quality is the Buzzword – “Buy less, choose well: that’s the maxim. Quality not quantity.” ~ Vivienne Westwood. This statement needs to be your rallying call. Invest in timeless furniture pieces. High-end, classic pieces will give your space an upscale feel. Having one statement piece for instance a curvy couch upholstered in a rich fabric can light up the whole room whilst keeping other décor items more budget-friendly.
  2. Clear the Clutter – A tidy place looks way more luxurious than a messy one. Organizing and maximizing your space is the key. Set up a designated area for all the stuff that piles up. Invest in a sleek storage unit that acts as an organizer for all little knick-knacks like mails, magazines, keys lying around your home. You may decorate the storage unit with accent pieces or plants or you may coat it with a bright colour to add style and panache.
  3. Incorporate Metallic Accents – Metallic accents, like different shades of gold or subtle silver add a touch of glamour to your rooms. Consider adding a metallic base to your dressers or metallic knobs to the drawers of your wooden chests. Pay attention to faucets and cabinet handles as tweaking such little elements can have a big influence on the overall appearance of the room. Metallic accents can turn your furniture pieces into collectibles and will help you achieve a stunning style statement.
  4. Light Up your Space – Remember, luxury is expressed in simplicity. Focus on creating a well-lit up space by including French windows in your home. French windows emulate a luxe look that people are naturally drawn to. Consider seeking professional assistance before adding this aesthetic to your home. You may install a window in charcoal or dark wood to create a chic contrast or keep the color palette neutral for a super sleek appearance.
  5. Repurpose. Upcycle. – Update your old furniture pieces by getting them upholstered in texture, metallic and patterned fabrics. Stick to the colour palette or your home before revamping your old furniture pieces into ornate ones. You may also math the colors of drapes or curtains with your upholstered piece to maintain continuity of your space.

Bringing her expertise to the same, Varsha and Mangala, Co-Founders of Vaasa, added to the list of budget friendly tips for luxurious interior design -

1. Rattan Elegance: Rattan is a versatile and durable material that effortlessly blends sophistication with comfort. Consider incorporating rattan furniture pieces, such as chairs and tables, to add a chic yet relaxed vibe to your interiors. Whether placed indoors in your sunroom or outdoors on your patio, rattan exudes timeless elegance without compromising on affordability.

2. Vintage Charm with Bronze Accents: For a dash of nostalgia and character, opt for armchairs featuring forged bronze arms. These pieces not only provide sturdy support but also infuse your space with a vintage allure. The subtle gleam of bronze against plush upholstery adds a touch of opulence to any room without straining your budget.

3. Luxurious Comfort in Leather: A leather accent chair with a deep, inviting seat is the epitome of relaxation and refinement. Sink into its plush cushions after a long day and unwind in style. Despite its luxurious appeal, a well-chosen leather chair doesn't have to cost a fortune. Scout for budget-friendly options that offer both comfort and aesthetic appeal to transform your living space into a haven of comfort.

4. Multi purpose furniture: Side tables that can be converted into an eating space. Or a coffee table that has moveable chairs that can consume less space. exposed hinges and gun metal finish with antique walnut wood stain brings in a vintage character.

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