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5 ingredients for even toned elbows and hands

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Jul 01, 2023 08:40 PM IST

Beauty and skincare experts reveal 5 ingredients for even toned elbows and hands

Our elbows and knees do not usually get the same attention and care as compared to other prominent parts, which leads to conditions such as uneven or dark elbows and knees. There may, however, be a number of other factors too that cause unevenness of skin tone around elbows and knees.

5 ingredients for even toned elbows and hands (Photo by Jacob Bentzinger on Unsplash)
5 ingredients for even toned elbows and hands (Photo by Jacob Bentzinger on Unsplash)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia, Co-Founder of La Mior, shared, “Some of the most commonly found causes of the same include dead skin cell accumulation, hyper-pigmentation due to exposure to sun, freckles, pregnancy-induced melasma, skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis and inflammation. In order to make your elbows and knees appear even toned, at first you need to include in your regimen some daily rituals such as moisturising and cleansing etc.”

She recommended, “With regard to the ingredients that you must look out for in a product for the purpose, one should check for Licorice, which has significant anti-inflammatory properties and is proven to reduce pigmentation as well as dark spots. The other ingredient you need to scout for is Mulberry, a vitamin powerhouse that again treats dark spots and pigmented skin conditions. Speaking about the treatment quotient, we should also not forget the virtues of turmeric, which alongside brightening the dark spots also heals scars, if any. In case one’s skin tone is particularly uneven, rose as an ingredient would further help in lightening any sort of skin pigmentation. Additionally, Papaya too is infused with skin-lightening properties while it even plays a key catalyst in clearing out blemishes and pigmentation.”

Rrajesh Bakshi, Founder and CEO at COAL Clean Beauty, said, “Have you ever noticed how at times certain areas of your body look darker than others? Majorly underarms, knees, hands and elbows are prone to friction, wear and tear. This is because the skin tissues in these areas are generally thinner hence, they are more susceptible to damage leading to dark spots and patches. Increased melanin, harsh UV rays causing hyperpigmentation can make these areas darker than usual. It is essential to use naturally skin enhancing products that can even skin tone across the body. An elbow and hand cream that can nourish and hydrate skin, improve its elasticity, be able to rebuild healthy skin cells and make skin bright and smooth can make complexion of the darker area of elbows and hands even.”

According to him, following are 5 key ingredients for even toned elbows and hands:

1. Mulberry Extract regulates the melanin synthesis in skin which naturally clears off dark spots and effectively works on uneven skin tone. It hydrates, brightens and soothes irritated skin.

2. Anti-inflammatory in nature, Aloe Vera Extract helps in treating dry skin, lightens skin tone, repairs sun damage and supports the production & release of collagen.

3. Comprising natural antioxidants, saturated fats along with vitamins K and E, Cocoa Butter helps in softening and healing skin. It works on dreaded dark spots called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which are left behind after blemishes heal.

4. An excellent emollient and emulsifier, Shea Butter protects against skin dryness as it has great moisturizing ability. It also reduces inflammation and lightens appearance of scars by naturally boosting collagen production.

5. An antioxidant by nature, Vitamin E has nourishing properties. It softens the skin, stops it from losing moisture, diminishes dark patches by adding glow and making skin look smooth and healthy.

‘Tis time to bid adieu to those dark and uneven spots. Bear the brunt bravely, flaunt your skin by adapting a skincare that makes skin naturally even and toned.

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