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Diwali cleaning 2022: Dos and don'ts while cleaning your house

Oct 16, 2022 01:48 PM IST

Diwali cleaning 2022: Diwali and cleaning go hand in hand. Here are some dos and don'ts which you should keep in mind while cleaning your house and making it Diwali-ready.

Diwali, the most awaited Hindu festival in India, is just around the corner. It is a season of celebratory atmosphere, brightly lighted streets, and guilt-free sugar binges. However, because Diwali and cleaning go hand in hand, it also brings the stress of having to clean your home to get it ready for the festival. Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are revered throughout Diwali, according to Indian customs. People pray to Shubh and Labh for happiness and prosperity in their homes and lives as both of these gods are closely associated with money and happiness. Diwali cleaning is essential since it is believed that only clean and beautifully decorated homes are visited by the gods. Here are some dos and don'ts which you should keep in mind while cleaning your house and making it Diwali-ready. (Also read: Diwali 2022 Date: When is Diwali? Know all about the auspicious five days of Deepavali )

Diwali cleaning 2022: Dos and don'ts while cleaning your house(istockphoto)
Diwali cleaning 2022: Dos and don'ts while cleaning your house(istockphoto)

Dos of Diwali cleaning

1. Make a checklist

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Make a list of the things to get rid of, the locations to cover, and the things to give away before you begin. When you cross each item off the list, it makes you feel amazing and motivates you.

2. Go room by room

You will become overwhelmed if you attempt to clean the entire space in one or two days. Not to mention that you would be sore from all the hard effort, and the job would be subpar. Decide on an area of your home, preferably a room, and clean it there. To ensure that you have enough time, it would be a good idea to start at least a week in advance.

3. Start with your wardrobe

The first thing you ought to have is a wardrobe. Diwali is the ideal time to accomplish this because it will not only aid you in cleaning your wardrobe but also in properly rearranging your belongings because we are all so busy during the year that we hardly get time to rearrange our wardrobes.

4. Windows and grills

Cleaning the kitchen and rooms is necessary before cleaning the windows because after cleaning the rooms, dust gathers in the windows. Before closing the windows until the next spring, thoroughly clean the window panes and knobs.

5. Kitchen cleaning

Cleaning the kitchen requires preparation. Along with chimneys, kitchen tiles are only one of many things that cannot be finished in a single day. It is best to divide the work up to complete it quickly. Remove any equipment that is no longer in use as well as any ingredients that are old or expired. Afterwards, tidy up the racks and boxes. Don't forget to clean your refrigerator.

Don'ts of Diwali cleaning

1. Don't start with the floor

It is crucial to begin cleaning your roof and ceiling fixtures, such as lights and fans, before moving on to the floor. Because the floor will collect all the dust and dirt, start by cleaning the ceilings before moving on to the floor. It will save you time as well as energy.

2. Don't use normal clothes for cleaning

Cleaning is best done with microfiber clothes. Avoid using old clothes or towels. This integrates science into cleaning. These are clean and capable of cleaning themselves. You don't have to use pricey detergents in addition to it. The science underlying microfibers states that because they can attach themselves to tiny dust particles, they are useful for cleaning.

3. Don't forget to declutter

Eliminating clutter and unnecessary stuff from the entire house is the first step. As soon as you start sorting through the goods, you'll discover that there are many things in your home that you don't use but have been sitting there unused for years. You must discard those things. You have two options: donate them or toss them in the trash.

4. Ignoring the Drains and Disposal

Many times we forgot to clean the drains and disposals. Do not forget to run and replenish the kitchen disposal, as well as the bathroom and kitchen sink, drains on a regular basis. Maintaining both will stop offensive odours.

5. Forgetting to clean your appliances

The inside of your washing machine or dishwasher won't stay clean with detergent alone, house appliances are routinely disregarded when it comes to regular housekeeping. So that they do their respective tasks well, make it a mission to clean these appliances at least twice a year. Including your fridge, microwave and other electrical appliances.

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