Let's Hug Day 2022: How it is good for your mental health - Hindustan Times

Let's Hug Day 2022: How it is good for your mental health

ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi
Dec 02, 2022 03:54 PM IST

Let's Hug Day 2022: From boosting immunity to replacing a fear, a hug can say and do a lot to the body. Here's how it protects us.

Let's Hug Day 2022: A hug says a lot without saying anything at all. A hug is a physical expression of love, affection, care, concern and protection. People, who have deep affection towards each other, often shares their love and care by hugging it out. Be it friends, family or lovers, a hug can express a lot of emotions. It is also believed that a hug helps in lifting the mood, and creating a sense of accomplishment within a person, urging them to be better versions of themselves. Every year, let’s Hug Day is celebrated on December 2. this day helps in creating awareness on the importance of such small expressions of affection in people’s lives and how they can boost mood and relationships.

Let's Hug Day 2022: How it is good for your mental health(Unsplash)
Let's Hug Day 2022: How it is good for your mental health(Unsplash)

A hug can help so much in boosting the mental health of a person. Be it a small hug or a deep hug for some time, it can create a sense of belonging and the sense of being loved. Here’s how a hug helps in boosting mental health:

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Reduce stress: People suffering from stress or anxiety, should be hugged often. A hug helps in reducing stress by creating the sense of having someone else to lean back on.

Protection from illnesses: A hug also helps in boosting the immunity of the body. If you love someone and care about their health, we suggest, hug them as often you can.

Heart health: A hug creates a sense of affectionate relationship – this further helps in keeping the heart healthy.

Happiness: Hugs from friends, family members or lovers create happiness within us, which helps us to have the sense of belonging and being loved.

Replace fear: A hug creates the sense that we are not alone, and that we have people to lean back on when we are afraid. This replaces fear with the sense of belonging somewhere.

Communicate: A hug says a lot about the way we feel about the other person. Emotions and feelings can be communicated through hugs.

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