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5 tips to relish fruits the Ayurvedic way

Aug 23, 2022 07:42 PM IST

Fruits are great for digestion, enhancing immunity, happiness, and strength. But it is also important to eat them in a right manner otherwise they can cause various stomach issues. Check out five Ayurvedic tips to relish fruits.

Fruits are a very important part of our diet. They are very healthy and provide a lot of essential minerals and vitamins but relishing fruits without any second thought can impact overall gut health or can develop random aches, pains, lethargy and skin health issues. It is also important to remember that all fruits are not for everybody. For example, citrus fruits and high fructose fruits like mangoes can trigger inflammation in some people. (Also read: 6 eating rules as per Ayurveda)

5 Tips to relish fruits the ayurvedic way(Pixabay)
5 Tips to relish fruits the ayurvedic way(Pixabay)

Dr. Alka Vijayan, Ayurvedic Nutrition Expert and Founder of Tanmatraayurveda, shared a few fruit-eating rules in her recent Instagram post.

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Rule 1 - Consume any one fruit at a time. Don't eat multiple fruits together. Avoid combing low-starch fruits with high-starch fruits ( e.g. melons and bananas), unless you have strong digestion. Melons are one of the easiest foods to digest, so combining them with other slow-digesting fruits can be a recipe for disaster.

Rule 2 - Avoid combining fruits with bread, nut butter, chocolate or any cooked food. If you eat fruits with or after other foods that slow the digestive process, the sugars can begin to ferment and food bad bacteria, causing gas and bloating. Most fruits are best eaten on their own or 30 mins before a meal.

Rule 3 - They are not the best desserts. Avoid having fruits as dessert. Having fruits just after consuming the meal can slow down your digestion process. Have fruits alone without mixing with anything.

Rule 4 - Instead of making a juice or smoothie, it is better to cut the fruits and chew them. Fruit juices are likely to aggravate Kapha. They are cooling and laxative and can aggravate Vata and reduce Agni (digestive fire), especially if wrongly combined with other foods.

Rule 5 - Timing. Sweet fruits are better eaten in the afternoon because they are too heavy and cold for Kapha time (in the morning) and can dampen the digestive fire. Sour fruits work better in the morning as they can help liquidity Kapha. Fresh fruits are better during warm seasons and dry or cooked fruits during cold seasons.

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