Can people with diabetes or heart disease eat custard apple? Know from Rujuta Diwekar

  • Custard apple, the creamy and sweet fruit has a delicious flavour and is loaded with nutrients. But can people with health conditions like diabetes, heart disease or PCOD eat the fruit? Rujuta Diwekar on fears and facts related to Sitaphal.
Custard apple or Sitaphal(Instagram/Rujuta Diwekar)
Custard apple or Sitaphal(Instagram/Rujuta Diwekar)
Published on Oct 21, 2021 01:04 PM IST
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By | Edited by Parmita Uniyal

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar who often takes to social media to educate masses about diseases, nutrition and fitness recently dispelled some myths about a seasonal fruit custard apple (Sitaphal). The creamy and sweet fruit has a delicious flavour and is high on magnesium, fibre, Vitamin C and flavonoids. Many people however have concerns about consuming the fruit in case of certain health conditions like diabetes, heart disease or PCOD.

Sitaphal or custard apple on the contrary is considered good for people with diabetes being a low GI (Glycemic index) food and doesn't raise your blood sugar levels. It is loaded with manganese and Vitamin C which has an anti-ageing effect on heart and circulatory system.

The amazing Sitaphal also heals ulcers and prevents acidity and has micronutrients that could give you a smooth skin tone. Vitamin C and riboflavin in the fruit also takes care of your eyes while flavonoids in them may help treat certain types of cancer and tumours.

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The fruit is known to improve your Hb levels and has anti-diabetes and anti-cancer properties.

If you still have doubts about enjoying this yummy fruit, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is here to help dispel some myths.

Diwekar who has been posting about the benefits of custard apple in the past has shared some fears and facts about the fruit on her social media handle for your benefit.

Fear: Avoid if diabetic

Fact: It's low on Glycemic Index and local. Seasonal fruits are recommended for diabetics.

Fear: Avoid if fat

Fact: It is a good source of Vitamin B complex, especially Vitamin B6 so it even works at reducing bloating.

Fear: Avoid if heart patient

Fact: High on minerals like Manganese and Vitamin C, it has an anti-ageing effect on the heart and circulatory system.

Fear: Avoid if PCOD

Fact: Good source for iron, fights feelings of tiredness, irritability and improves fertility.

Custard apple or sitaphal can also help in relieving symptoms of arthritis as being high on magnesium it helps balance the water content in the body and eliminate acids from the joints. It is a mood booster too as the B complex vitamins are known for calming the brain and managing mood swings, irritability, tension and stress, according to studies.

Now that you know all about the benefits of this amazing fruit, nothing should be stopping you from enjoying it till its season lasts.

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