How to fight obesity? Expert shares 5 lifestyle changes

Published on May 09, 2022 10:58 AM IST

From exercising 45 minutes a day to providing adequate rest to the body to avoiding stress, here are five lifestyle changes that should be incorporated in order to combat obesity and overweight.

How to fight obesity? Expert shares 5 lifestyle changes
How to fight obesity? Expert shares 5 lifestyle changes
ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi

Obesity is a condition of the body where excess amount of fat accumulates. Besides being a cosmetic condition, it also leads further to other health risks involving heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and in certain cases, several types of cancers. In a developing country like ours, Obesity and overweight are growing concerns which is being seen to exponentially accelerate over the years. However. Obesity is reversible. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Sudarshan S, Consultant Family Physician, Medall Healthcare said, “Obesity is preventable and reversible, if you adhere to a proper lifestyle and consume a healthy diet. Of course, there are the latest medical and surgical treatments available to treat obesity, but if we do a bit for ourselves by altering the lifestyle choices we make, we can overcome obesity naturally.”

Sudarshan S further noted down five lifestyle changes that should be incorporated in our daily lives in order to reverse Obesity and lead a healthy life. They are:

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Consume healthy food: Sudarshan noted down that food items containing refined carbohydrates, sugar and deeply fried food stuff should be consciously avoided. He also advised in more consumption of green leafy vegetables in order to provide the body with necessary nutrients.

Exercise: A minimum of 45 minutes in a day should be dedicated to exercise. “Exercise tones up your muscles and it has a positive effect on reducing belly fat. A combination of cardio and weight training exercises is a good go to reduce body weight,” Sudarshan added.

Avoid smoking, alcohol consumption: Smoking and consumption of alcohol, both bring severe adverse effects to the body. Alcohol directly affects the liver, while smoking adds on to the already existing complications related to obesity such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

7-8 hours of sleep: To attain metabolic equilibrium and to function well on a daily basis, our body needs adequate amount of sleep and rest to charge ourselves.

Avoid stress: Stress leads to binge eating. Sudarshan advised that alternate ways of dealing with stress should be explored – meditation and yoga can be practised too.

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