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What is 'Fat First' approach and how can it help you lose weight?

Mar 30, 2023 01:22 PM IST

Let's explore what the "Fat First" approach is, how it can benefit your health, and how to incorporate it into your diet. Say goodbye to calorie counting and hello to delicious, healthy fats!

Are you tired of counting calories and still not seeing the results you want? Have you considered the "Fat First" approach? It may sound counterintuitive, but by prioritizing healthy fats in your meals, you can actually improve your overall health and achieve your weight loss goals. In this approach, you focus on consuming high-quality, healthy fats before consuming carbohydrates or proteins. Not only does this help with weight loss, but it can also provide numerous benefits to your health. Let's take a closer look at the "Fat First" approach and how it can benefit you. (Also read: Looking to burn belly fat? Here is the diet you need to follow )

The "Fat First" approach is gaining popularity among health enthusiasts and nutrition experts, and for good reason.(Unsplash)

Dr. Rohini Patil, MBBS and Certified Nutritionist, shared with HT Lifestyle, her insights on the “Fat First” approach and ways it can benefit your health.

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"'Fat First' is a dietary approach that involves consuming healthy fats as the primary source of energy in the body before consuming carbohydrates. This approach is based on the idea that the body will burn fat for energy when carbohydrates are not readily available, leading to weight loss and improved health. By consuming healthy fats, such as those found in avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, and fatty fish, before carbohydrates, you can help your body enter a state of ketosis, where it burns fat for energy instead of glucose. This can lead to weight loss, improved insulin sensitivity, and reduced inflammation in the body," shared Dr. Rohini.

She added, "Additionally, consuming healthy fats can provide several other health benefits, including improved brain function, increased energy levels, and improved heart health. Healthy fats can also help you feel fuller for longer periods, which can lead to reduced hunger and less snacking on unhealthy foods."

"It is important to note that the 'Fat First' approach should only be done under the guidance of a healthcare professional, as it may not be suitable for everyone. It may also be difficult to follow for individuals who are used to consuming high amounts of carbohydrates in their diet," concludes Dr. Rohini.

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