Chhavi Mittal Hussein(Instagram)
Chhavi Mittal Hussein(Instagram)

Women stop body-shaming women: Chhavi Mittal on being called a skeleton

  • Chhavi Mittal Hussein responded to the unsolicited comment by a followers and shared how calling someone skinny was just as disrespectful as calling someone fat.
By | Written by Alfea Jamal, Hindustan Times, Delhi
PUBLISHED ON JUL 16, 2021 06:27 PM IST

Bollywood and television actor Chhavi Mittal Hussein recently took to her Instagram feed to respond to haters making comments on her body and requested women to stop body shaming other women. Sharing a comment that someone had posted on a picture posted to Chhavi's Instagram feed, the actor shared what the commenter had to say. The comment read, "Please dont mind you look skinny. Look at your hands looking like skeleton. So much dieting. I'm a doctor by profession I have two daughter I am also a fitness freak. But please never recommend your diet to anyone."

Chhavi responded to the unsolicited comment and shared how calling someone skinny was just as disrespectful as calling someone fat. Chhavi wrote in the caption, "I was quietly going through the comments on my recent videos and there were some nice ones, some not so nice, and some which offered really constructive criticism. Thank you for that! And then there was this sitting there staring me in the face."

Addressing the commenter, Chhavi wrote, "Well, dear "Ab Bas", I just want to say, ab bas. Let's stop women body shaming women. My hands do a lot for my kids and my community. They may look their age (which is 40) or may look more. But one thing they always do is make me look and feel amazing. Also, calling someone "skinny" is as disrespectful as calling them fat."


She concluded by asking her followers if they had ever been body shamed, sharing, "Dear mothers, have you ever been body shamed?"

Earlier today Chhavi shared a positive post about taking it slow, sharing the image of herself in a bright orange tunic, she wrote, "Stress is directly proportionate to the pace at which we perform. Running against time, always in a rush to achieve, complete, fulfill. Today, pace it down. Stop multitasking. Push it back. Heal. Think. Meditate. Calm down. Relax. Pause. (sic)"

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