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Emergency pet care guide: What to do if your furry friend suffers burns

By, New Delhi
Apr 17, 2024 01:15 PM IST

From assessing the severity of the burns to administering first aid, here's what you need to know to ensure your pet receives the best possible care.

Our pets are part of the family, and this bond often means that they are glued to their owners during household activities. Pets will often watch over you as you do the housework, especially when it comes to cooking or cleaning up after meals. Cats love to do the laundry and will often lend a hand by cuddling up in the warm hamper full of clothes that need to be folded. While it may be comforting to have your pet around, their curiosity can lead to accidents or mishaps.

Your pet's safety is paramount, especially in emergencies like burns. (Freepik)
Your pet's safety is paramount, especially in emergencies like burns. (Freepik)

Your pet can suffer burns or other injuries from a variety of household chemicals and appliances, some of which may not be immediately apparent. In addition, pets exposed to smoke or who have been in house fires are at risk of suffering burns. Therefore, if your pet suffers a painful burn or scalding, knowing how to act quickly is crucial to their well-being. (Also read: Should you worry about your dog throwing up? Common causes and treatment of vomiting )

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What to Do If Your Pet Suffers Burns

"Burns can occur from hot liquids (e.g. drinks, kettles, hot oils), flames and smoke (this can also cause significant damage to the lungs), radiators and heat pads, electrical injuries and caustic materials (e.g. bleach and other household disinfectants). Burns are extremely painful and can get easily infected so it is vital that you always call your vet no matter the size of the burn. When following this first aid advice always be aware of your own safety. Your pet may react aggressively when they are in pain," says Dr Charlie Astle, Veterinarian and Pet Wellness Expert in her recent Instagram post. She further shared essential steps to take if your pet has suffered from burns.

- Remove your pet from whatever is burning them. If it's a chemical burn, wear gloves and wash it off as soon as possible. If it's electrical, ensure you turn off the electricity first.

- If your pet has been burned, it's essential to assess for any other injuries or symptoms, such as breathing difficulties. Burns can be excruciatingly painful and are prone to infection if left untreated. Immediate veterinary attention is crucial to ensure proper treatment and prevent complications.

- Run cool water over the burn or place the area in water for at least 10-15 minutes. Do not use iced water or ice.

- Make sure your pet doesn't get too cold. Wrap them up in the foil blanket provided in your first aid kit, avoiding the burnt area.

- Do not use any creams or ointments on the burn. Gently place the sterile dressing from the kit over the burn, or loosely wrap the area in cling film.

- Your vet will use special dressings and will likely give pain relief and antibiotics. Sometimes, your pet may need to go on a drip as some burns cause severe dehydration.

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