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National Banana Bread Day 2024: Recipes and tips to make a delicious banana bread

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Feb 22, 2024 04:09 PM IST

Happy National Banana Bread Day 2024. Dive into the celebration with our expert tips and mouthwatering recipes to craft the perfect banana bread.

National Banana Bread Day, celebrated annually on February 23, celebrates the perfect pairing of fruit and bread. There aren't many things that can compare to the smell of a freshly baked loaf of banana bread as you walk into your home. It's a common dessert in many homes, which is probably why so many of us have such fond memories of this delicious treat. Banana bread is easy and delicious to make. It's a popular recipe for dessert and a great snack to have on hand as it's healthier than other baked goods. Its soft texture and sweet flavour make it a favourite with adults and children alike. Rich in potassium and vitamin B6, banana bread is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals.

Celebrate National Banana Bread Day 2024 by baking this delicious dessert.(Unsplash)
Celebrate National Banana Bread Day 2024 by baking this delicious dessert.(Unsplash)

As we celebrate this day, here are some tips and an easy recipe to make the perfect banana bread at home:

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Easy recipe to make delectable banana bread

Banana Bread

(Recipe by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor)

Banana bread recipe (Unsplash)
Banana bread recipe (Unsplash)


2 medium bananas

¼ cup butter

½ tsp cinnamon powder

½ tsp vanilla essence

½ tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp maple syrup

A pinch of baking soda

A pinch of sea salt

2 eggs

85 grams almond flour

1 tbsp flax seeds (alsi) powder

Icing sugar for dusting

Potato chips to serve


1. Preheat the oven to 180˚C. Take 2 medium bananas on a baking tray and roast for 10-15 minutes. Allow to cool slightly.

2. Peel the bananas and add them into a large bowl and mash them using a fork. Add butter and whisk till well combined.

3. Add cinnamon powder, vanilla essence, lemon juice, maple syrup, baking soda, sea salt, and break in the eggs into the same bowl and whisk well.

4. Add almond flour, flax seed powder and fold the mixture till well combined.

5. Transfer the prepared batter into a silicon mould and tap it gently. Place the mould on a baking tray. Bake in a preheated oven for 20-25 minutes.

6. Take the mould out of the oven and allow to cool to room temperature. De-mould and cut into slices.

7. Dust icing sugar on top and place a few pieces in a tiffin box. Pack it along with potato chips.

Tips and tricks to make delicious banana bread

1. Ripe bananas: For the most sweetness and flavour, use overripe bananas. Better still, the bananas should be brown!

2. Correct mixing: Before merging, mix the wet and dry materials independently. This lessens the chance of overmixing, which could produce tough bread.

3. Refrain from overmixing: Only stir the batter until the ingredients are barely mixed. Dense banana bread might result from overmixing.

4. Add moisture: To make the batter more tender and moist, stir in a little amount of buttermilk, yoghurt, or sour cream.

5. Use brown sugar: Brown sugar gives the banana bread moisture and a deep taste. Either entirely brown sugar or a mix of brown and white sugar can be used.

6. Add texture: To give the batter more texture and taste, try adding chopped nuts, chocolate chips, or dried fruit.

7. Don't peek: To prevent the bread from collapsing while baking, try not to open the oven door too frequently.

8. Check for doneness: To check if the bread is done, stick a toothpick into its center. Either a few damp crumbs or a clean result should be obtained.

9. Cool correctly: After letting the banana bread cool in the pan for ten to fifteen minutes, move it to a wire rack to finish cooling. By doing this, it becomes less likely to stick to the pan.

10. Store properly: To keep it moist, store any remaining banana bread tightly wrapped in plastic wrap or in an airtight container. It is also capable of freezing.

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