Expert tips on how to have a fulfilling relationship

Published on Mar 11, 2022 01:49 PM IST

From learning to focus on the positive to stopping assumptions, here's how you can have a healthier relationship with your partner.

Expert tips on how to have a fulfilling relationship(Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash)
Expert tips on how to have a fulfilling relationship(Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash)
ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi

Relationships are complicated. After the first leg of intense romance and the phase of firecrackers wear off, the biochemical reactions in the brain stop making us feel so great around each other, its when the real deal starts. Loving someone is not so easy that we think. It requires a lot of work on both people's part, a lot of expression of feelings, communication and most importantly, the willingness of choosing each other over everything every day, all the time.

Relationships are not so easy that we think. Every person brings their own trauma, unresolved issues into their relationship and it makes it more difficult. We can never blame a person for being imperfectly themselves in a relationship. However, Psychologist Nicole LePera pointed out three important tips which can help us in understanding the other person better, have an introspection about ourselves and our issues, and create a safe haven for each other to evolve, individually and together.

Nicole shared a video on her Instagram profile where she spoke of the need of stop assuming things. When we are unable to accept an answer or get a response, we tend to fill the blanks by ourselves through overthinking. It is an extremely toxic nature of the human mind to imagine the worst and that creates issues in our relationships. It is also not possible for us to know what the other person might be thinking or feeling. So, we can cut to the chase by asking the other person directly about it, without assuming beforehand.

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She also said that we need to start taking responsibility of our own needs. In relationships, we often burden the other person with the responsibility of changing, meeting our needs and making us happy. In reality, it is only us who can do that. So, as soon as we start to initiate the changes in ourselves that we need to have a happier life, we start to create a healthier relationship.

The third tip involves focusing on the brighter side. She said that it is important to appreciate the other person when they come around in a way which we like. Instead of focusing on the negative sides, we should start looking at the positive ones and start appreciating the same.

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