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Feeling disconnected from your partner? 6 things to try to increase intimacy

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Feb 22, 2024 02:14 PM IST

Focusing on being in the moment and addressing issues can help in strengthening the bond and intimacy in a relationship.

In a relationship, it is natural to feel disconnected from the partner sometimes. Often, we may feel that we do not have the same amount of intimacy and desire for each other that we had in the initial phases of the relationship. "It’s normal to go through lulls and have periods of feeling disconnected. It’s normal to want sex sometimes, and to be totally uninterested other times. It’s normal for sex to be really important to you, or for it to be quite unimportant. Whatever your experience, you’re not alone," wrote Therapist Lucille Shackleton. But we can address that. In order to increase intimacy, desire and deepen the connection, here are a few things that we can do.

Feeling disconnected from your partner? 6 things to try to increase intimacy(Unsplash)
Feeling disconnected from your partner? 6 things to try to increase intimacy(Unsplash)

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Six things to do with partner to improve the relationship:

Communicating: One of the foundation blocks of a healthy relationship is healthy communication – we should be clear and honest with each other and let each other know what we want and need from them. This helps in creating better understanding in the relationship.

Focusing on friendship: Every relationship has a certain level of friendship that holds two people together and allows them to be completely honest with each other. We should focus on that friendship as it can help in addressing resentment and frustration in a healthy way.

Prioritising it: We should prioritise the relationship and the partner and make conscious effort in making out time to spend together. Creating memories or addressing conflicts can help in deepening the connection.

Exploration: We should be ready to explore new things together. Understanding each other's needs and expectations can help us to explore new things and find joy in exploration.

Environment: The environment we are in can heavily impact our relationships. We should pay close attention to the environment and the ambience and understand what we like or dislike about it.

Shifting our focus: Instead of focusing on the end result, we should focus on having fun with each other and making happy memories for the time we spend together. We should allow ourselves to be present in the moment.

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