Green flags to look for in romantic relationship and find if it has long-term potential, according to psychologist

Updated on May 02, 2022 10:02 AM IST

A psychologist reveals ten green flags that you should look out for in your romantic relationships to know if it has long-term potential.

Green flags to look for in romantic relationship and find if it has long-term potential, according to psychologist(Pexels)
Green flags to look for in romantic relationship and find if it has long-term potential, according to psychologist(Pexels)

Apart from the emotional bonds we create with our friends and family, romantic relationships are one of the most fulfilling aspects of our life. However, making any relationship work requires effort, time and positive affirmations from both sides. It also includes looking for green flags, aka the early signs that a relationship is going well and strong. But often, because we are humans, we focus on the negatives, or red flags, of a given situation. It is always good to be able to recognize potential red flags, but that doesn't mean you should ignore the green flags. They can show if your relationship has long-term potential and help you understand your partner better. So, to help you find out what green flags you should be looking out for in your relationship, we reached out to an expert.

A clinical psychologist from Delhi, Dr Samriddhi Khatri, told Hindustan Times around ten green flags or good signs that one can look for early in their relationship to understand oneself and their partners. Read on to know all about them. (Also Read: Top signs that you are sabotaging your relationship)

They Trust You

According to Dr Khatri, trust is the first and foremost green flag. It means trusting your partner and not snooping behind their back. Whether it is the emotional or financial aspect, related to their past or both of your families, trusting your partner is one of the most important green flags.

Trust is the first and foremost green flag.(pexels)
Trust is the first and foremost green flag.(pexels)

You Have Physical Or Sexual Compatibility

"It is one of the most vital green flags to have sexual or physical compatibility with your partner," Dr Khatri said. If you are in a long-term romantic relationship, sexual compatibility is necessary, where your partner understands your needs and your apprehensions too.

They Respect You And Others

Dr Khatri said, "Respect between two partners for each other is the next green flag to look out for." She said that how your partner respects you and other people around them tells a lot. She added, "Respect and communication go hand in hand. So, if you and your partner argue and you two handle it respectfully by keeping your relationship first and the argument secondary that is a green flag."

They Are Open And Accepting For Various Situations In Life

Dr Khatri said that openness to discussions, change, new ideas, explorations and different aspects of your lives tells a lot about your partner. Additionally, if they are accepting and open-minded about your understanding of different concepts and your religious, cultural and family beliefs, it acts as a green flag for your relationship.

They Communicate Their Needs

"Communication is one of the most essential green flags and is an extension of trust between two partners," Dr Khatri said. According to her, it is a green flag to know how to communicate your needs directly and understand each other's needs. She added that one should avoid being passive-aggressive while communicating their thoughts, not invite other people to intervene in the relationship and communicate their likes and dislikes to their partner.

They Are Patient

Dr Kahtri said, "Being patient is another green flag and is self-explanatory. It refers to being patient in all situations - whether it is positive or negative or a scenario that requires one to wait for the results."

Being patient is another green flag(Pexels)
Being patient is another green flag(Pexels)

Having Good Partnership And Decision-Making

Dr Khatri said, "There are many times in a relationship when one person leads a particular part of the relationship and the other person leads a different aspect. However, when it comes to major decisions, it is important that you and your partner consider each other's opinions and include in the decision making."

They Are Emotionally Self-Sufficient Yet Attached

Having an emotionally capable and self-sufficient partner who is also attached to you is another green flag in a relationship. "A green flag would be having a partner who has worked on themselves, are emotionally self-sufficient and can handle themselves in emotional situations. Obviously, that does not mean they should be detached from you. They should know how to be attached to you in a healthy manner without being overly dependent," Dr Khatri said.

They Are Honest

"Another green flag is having a partner who is honest and trustworthy. They should be honest about their opinions, ideology, financial status, emotional well-being and every other aspect of their lives. For instance, if they are emotionally unwell and hide the same from you, then it is not a good sign. In the Indian context, this would relate to the marriage setup where partners hide details from their spouse," Dr Khatri said.

They Know How To Maintain A Balance

If your partner knows how to maintain a balance in your relationship, that is a green flag. "It is not always a 50-50 equation in a relationship, but if they try to maintain a balance and consider you their equal then that is a good sign," Dr Khatri added.

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