How to know if someone is emotionally available? Psychologist shares tips - Hindustan Times

How to know if someone is emotionally available? Psychologist shares tips

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Aug 20, 2023 10:19 AM IST

From having difficult conversations to words aligning into actions, here are a few signs of emotional availability.

In a relationship, being with someone who is emotionally available is important to have more clarity. It helps in being vulnerable, putting in effort together in the relationship and creating a space to ensure that the emotions of the people involved are respected. But how do we know if someone is emotionally available? Psychologist Nicole LePera answered it - "We know through their actions. By witnessing their patterns. By seeing if their words and actions align and how they respond to us when we express our own emotions." Further explaining, Nicole added that it is never possible for a person to be emotionally available all the time. We all go through different emotions and sometimes we need the time to process them before explaining the same to our partner. However, instead of shutting down and making the partner wonder, we should have clear communication. "It’s ok to not always be available, the key is to talk about it. And to have grace and understanding for the people we love when they can’t be there in the ways we need them to be," Nicole added.

How to know if someone is emotionally available? Psychologist shares tips(Unsplash)
How to know if someone is emotionally available? Psychologist shares tips(Unsplash)

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Here are a few signs of emotional availability:

Composure: When the big feelings are expressed, the partner does not erupt or go into a defensive mode. Instead, they listen and try to comprehend our side of the story and try to work on finding a solution together to figure out things.

Difficult conversation: With people who are emotionally available, we can have difficult conversations. This further ensures that they are secure of their own emotions and know how to respect the emotions of others.

Apologising: Owning to the mistakes made by oneself is a big sign of emotional availability. It shows that they are ready to work on the relationship and ca take responsibility for the mistakes made by them.

Words and actions: The alignment of words and actions is a huge green flag in a relationship. By their actions, we can know if they are emotionally available.

Silence: The silent treatment is not a part of the relationship – this is a sign that the other person believes in talking out things instead of using silence as a way of punishing us.

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