Tips to succeed in life and not sink after a crisis

Updated on Oct 31, 2022 04:58 PM IST

The Polarity Effect: Want to succeed and not sink in life after a crisis? Here's how to equip yourself so that your path to success also take a better trajectory

Tips to succeed in life and not sink after a crisis (Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay )
Tips to succeed in life and not sink after a crisis (Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay )
ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

A crisis can impact people in numerous ways affecting their emotional, social, physical and financial well-being since often during a crisis, people tend to embrace self-doubts and judge themselves and those around them harshly. Want to succeed and not sink in life after a crisis?

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Hari Bhagirath, Spokesperson at Vuram, advised, “To overcome trying times, kindness is key to ensuring happiness and resilience. Compassion and kindness nurture growth and a learning mindset to navigate toward recovery and success. Nourishing an ecosystem of happiness driven by compassion and empathy allows people to overcome pain, focus on growth, and support those around them to reimagine success in a wider perspective.”

He added, “In a corporate environment, focus on mental health and emotional well-being is crucial. While nourishing informal groups of people encourages social and emotional well-being, access to certified counsellors while maintaining confidentiality supports mental health. Besides, at Vuram we have unlimited hospitalisation leaves and financial assistance to support people during the crisis. The initiatives enriched the work culture and enabled the organisation to grow by 112% during the pandemic when it comes to the number of people.”

Dr Varun Koul, Vice President - Medical Directorate at Glamyo Health, insisted, “There is no one-size-fits-all solution to being happy and healthy. The truth is that just because something served well for one person does not guarantee that it will work similarly for another. The Law of Polarity is not a magical incantation. However, in the most basic sense, it teaches us that there is duality in everything. For instance: A positive cannot exist without a negative; an uphill momentum cannot persist without a downhill ride; good cannot prevail without bad, and light cannot originate without darkness. If you find yourself stuck in the negative, ask yourself, “What am I learning from this traumatic situation, and what sensible alternative can I take instead?” Therefore, the first step is to contemplate how to shift your thoughts between these polarities. To do so, take a moment to pause and examine how you are thinking, feeling, and behaving in an undesirable poor situation. Only then can we change our lives, break repetitive patterns of behaviour, and push our lives toward a more meaningful existence.”

According to Harini Ramachandran, Co-Creator of Excellence Installations Technology and Co-Founder of Antano and Harini, Legacy Accelerators, the simple answer is “Be committed to always evolving!”. She shared, “Most people succumb to the uncertainties because even when they may be great at what they do, they may not have fully developed certain core capabilities such as the ability to learn fast from geniuses around, to choose a better emotional response, sense the unsaid objections of others and resolving them, being creative and in high-performance, not getting overwhelmed by ‘outside influences’, amongst others. For an individual, the right mix of these superior capabilities results in aspirational personal and professional growth in record time, even in adversities or crisis situations.”

Highlighting that evolving does not mean doing your best, she encouraged, “It means continuing to become better than your current best. And when people continue to evolve, their life outcomes also take a better trajectory. And today, we have a cutting-edge technology like Excellence Installations that makes it possible for people to compress several cycles of evolution, iteratively in a short span of time, making it possible for everyone to have a really high standard of excellence across all aspects of their life.”

The competitive environment of today requires us to only focus on our strengths and become formidable at them. However, Harini Ramachandran suggested, “Real growth happens when we give ourselves exposure to a variety of experiences that are cherry-picked strategically, with long-term consequences in mind, to enable well-rounded growth and capability building ahead of time. Such well-rounded individuals will always pave the way for themselves and for others in their ecosystem, family, or enterprises, to discover greener pastures amidst adversities, leading to blissful personal and professional growth.”

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