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Star-speak 2014: your year ahead

If you have been waiting for your life to turn better, expect 2014 to usher in the much-awaited change. Our resident astrologer, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma, predicts how the year 2014 may just be the turning point of your life…

lifestyle Updated: Jan 02, 2014 16:20 IST
Dr Prem Kumar Sharma
Dr Prem Kumar Sharma
Hindustan Times

If you have been waiting for your life to turn better, expect 2014 to usher in the much-awaited change. Our resident astrologer, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma, predicts how the year 2014 may just be the turning point of your life…

The Ram
Lucky Totka: Place three silver coins wrapped in a red cloth to ensure the cash register keeps ringing.

Expect the year 2014 to open up your luck! Professionally, things begin to turn for the better by April and bring you nearer to your goal by November. Although no windfall is predicted in 2014, you remain financially secure through previous investments. Overseas travel for business or leisure is a strong possibility in February or March. Ailments, if any, disappear by the last quarter. Preserve your social image, as it can take a beating.

Lucky Months: February, March, April, November

The Bull
Lucky Totka: Use more of the colour blue to counter stress and boost your creativity.

The year 2014 augurs well for you! The initial signs of career progression appear in May or June, which culminate in promotion or a raise by the last quarter. It is best to prioritise expenses to prevent cash crunch. Travel is indicated in both, the first and second quarters. Family bonds remain strong, but romance needs revival. Health-wise, those on a shaky ground recover fully by December. Socially, you remain popular.

Lucky Months: May, June, November, December

The Twins
Lucky Totka: Place some yellow flowers or candles in the west area for optimism, and to attract new opportunities.

The year 2014 seems excellent in almost all aspects. The months June-July and November-December are extremely favourable for career enhancement. You’ll be strong financially, but save up for the future. In January, development of an existing property is foretold. Travelling abroad will be a strong possibility in April or May. Don’t neglect your health. Love life will show signs of flagging. Socially, you remain ever popular!

Lucky Months: June, July, November, December

The Crab
Lucky Totka: Carry a small white crystal in your left pocket if appearing for some important interview.

The year 2014 paints a rosy picture. Those struggling, achieve stability in their job by July or August. Travel stars look bright, especially in the months of May and June, and may take you to new places. Financially, you remain strong and can go in for a lucrative investment in October. Family life remains fulfilling. Romance brightens up your life in June. Health improves through own efforts. For you, charity must begin at home.

Lucky Months: May, June, July, August

The Lion
Lucky Totka: Tie nine small bells with a red cord and hang them at the entrance for more wealth.

The year 2014 appears most promising. Breaking new ground or foraying into a new business is indicated in August or September and is set to bring in profits. Financial strength grows by the first or second quarter. Health of those ailing gets fully restored by January-end or February. A lot of travel is envisaged in the latter half of the year. Be sensitive to the feelings of someone close and learn to take ‘no’ for an answer!

Lucky Months: January, February, August, September

The Virgin
Lucky Totka: Vacuum or dust the lampshades in your office to brighten your growth prospects.

The year 2014 is easily the most crucial juncture of your life. The first quarter will find you going all out in your profession to strike it rich by September or October. Business trip in July or August brings new opportunities. Monetarily, you remain strong enough to invest in property. You take steps in the first quarter to be back in shape. Family and love life remain immensely satisfying. Maintain a never say die attitude to succeed.

Lucky Months: July, August, September, October

The Scales
Lucky Totka: Displaying a golden star in your work area will help you bag recognition.

Your stars in 2014 shine bright. Expect something good happening in your career in the first quarter that gets a further boost in October or November. Overseas travel is a strong possibility in August or September. Financially, be more conservative, as expenses show an upward trend. Health, family and love life remain satisfactory. Marriage of someone eligible in the family may be on the cards. Forget past grudges!

Lucky Months: August, September, October

The Scorpion
Lucky Totka: Wear a green wrist band on your right wrist while attending important meetings.

The year 2014 allows you to build upon whatever was initiated previously. Steps taken for career growth bear fruit by the latter half. Acquiring new property in August or October is possible. You may find yourself much closer to your family than before. Travel stars appear strong in September and October. Health needs care after May, so don’t neglect it. Take steps to restore a flagging relationship. Be generous.

Lucky Months: May, August, October, November

the Archer
Lucky Totka: Donating some stationary items or clothes to the poor will help you in your career.

The year 2014 is the year of consolidation, where you strengthen all spheres of your interests. The period from March to May appears exceptional in professional and business realms. Choosing to save, rather than spend with an eye to finance a personal project is possible. Travelling overseas is a distinct possibility in October or November. You regain total fitness by May or June. Spiritual endeavours provide peace of mind.

Lucky Months: May, June, October, November

The Goat
Lucky Totka: Wear a copper coin with a hole in a yellow thread around your neck to reduce worries.

The year 2014 allows you to overcome all odds and how! Gaining a position of authority in your profession is foreseen in the second quarter. Financially, you are bound to do well. Social scene brightens, as you regain lost popularity. Possibility of accompanying someone abroad in November or December materialises. An ailment disappears by June or July. Current relationship needs nurturing.

Lucky Months: June, July, November, December

The Water Bearer
Lucky Totka: Hang 9 I-ching coins tied in red thread with your phone to open up communication.

The year 2014 ushers in a new phase in life. Expect a new professional beginning by May, June or July, when your career aspects appear the strongest. Financially, you need to be judicious in your spending. Minor ailments bothering you are set to vanish by July or August. Family remains most supportive. Don’t let lack of intimacy affect your relationship. Be more visible socially and never take your problems to bed.

Lucky Months: May, June, July, August

The Fish
Lucky Totka: To boost your growth prospects, place fresh green plants in your office/work area.

The year 2014 is the year of achievement in both personal and professional spheres. Those at career crossroads take giant strides in reaching their goals between June and August. Eligible are likely to find their soulmate by July. Reaching a new milestone in fitness or sports is possible in August or September. Last quarter finds you becoming financially stronger. Your love life needs rejuvenation, so opt for change of scene.

Lucky Months: June, July, August, September

First Published: Dec 31, 2013 18:03 IST