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Week 4 Day 5: United, we get fitter!

Working out alone could be boring. Inspired by HT City’s Get Healthy Delhi, campaign, people have formed groups to exercise together in parks, and keep each other motivated. How cool is that!

lifestyle Updated: Sep 13, 2013 03:24 IST
Hindustan Times

Work out of the day

Time for a Side Job
Side exercises are a great way to increase your arm strength, and shoulder stability. This can be combined with arm movement, which when performed properly, will give you the perfect stretch of the side of the back. If you have any lower back problem, do this exercise very slowly and cautiously.

1: Sit on the side of the body with knees bent and one leg on top of another. Align your hips. Lean onto the side, supporting your body by the lower arm. Bring your upper arms in front of the body.
2: Inhale, and in a slow motion, move your arm all the way up and above the head. Feel your side muscles getting stretched. Repeat this movement about 20 to 30 times.
By Vesna Jacob, fitness expert and healer

Yogasana of the day

Chaturanga Dandasana or the Four Limbed Staff Posture is great to burn the tummy fat. It tones your arms, hands and legs. This pose is not an easy one, so take your time mastering it.

Lie on the ground facing down, with hands bent at the elbow kept by your waist side.
Now, raise your torso and legs to make the entire body parallel to the ground.
Rest your legs on the feet fingers and the body on the feet fingers and palms. Do not raise your hips upwards. Don’t sway your lower back towards the ground. Keep your body and neck straight, and look at the ground
Stay for 20-30 counts, then slowly come down and relax. Repeat once more.
By Juhi Garg, yoga expert

Diet for today

Breakfast: 1 medium bowl veg upma made with curry leaves, peanuts and onions, along with a cup of tea without sugar
Mid morning: 1/2 katori anar and 5 to 6 almonds
Lunch: 1 oat bran roti, along with a bowl of full white chana masala and salad
Evening: 1 glass chaach and a medium bowl roasted murmura chat
Dinner: 1 medium bowl white chana, along with salad, which includes tomato and cucumber
Post dinner: 1 cup green tea

Recipe of Chana Masala
Heat a pan, add 1 tsp oil, 4 tsp chopped onion and cook till onion is translucent. Add 1 clove of garlic chopped until it’s fragrant. Stir in 2-3 sprigs chopped coriander, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/4 tsp turmeric. Stir in water, 1 large tomato chopped and cook until tomato is soft, stirring occasionally, about 5-6 minutes. Add 1.5 cup of water, followed by chick peas to the tomato mixture and stir to combine. Bring mixture to a boil. Stir in garam masala and salt to taste. Simmer chick peas in sauce for 10 minutes. Savour it hot!

Breakfast: 1 bowl oats with yogurt and 1/2 bowl pomegranate
Mid morning: 1 bowl papaya
Lunch: 2 wheat toast along with 150 gm chicken salami
Evening: a cup of black coffee or black tea without sugar
Dinner: 1 bowl lobia salad (1 bowl ), including tomatoes, olives, flaxseed, and onion
Post Dinner: 1 cup green tea

Recipe of Lobia Salad
Cut 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 carrot, 1/2 onion into small cubes, chop 1 small green chilli, finely chop 2-3 sprigs of coriander. In a salad bowl, add 1 cup boiled black-eyed peas (lobia). Add 1 tbsp lemon juice, salt to taste 1/2 tsp black pepper powder, 1 tsp chaat masala and mix all the vegetables. Toss well. Enjoy!

Keep in Mind
Begin the day with a glass of hot water with a few drops of lemon juice
Avoid sugar or sugary fruits, including grapes, mango, banana, cheeku etc n Say no to pickles, papad and oily condiments n No curd at night
Meal timings: Breakfast: 9-10am; Mid morning: 11.30am-12pm; Lunch: 1.30-2pm; Evening: 4.30-5pm; Dinner: 7.30-8pm; After dinner: 9.30pm
By Shikha Sharma, diet and wellness expert


Eating dried figs helps you lose weight: False

Fact: Figs are rich in vitamins A, B1 and B2, and have antioxidants present in them to fight diseases and cancer in the body. Dried figs are nutritious, but they cannot be a healthy weight-loss food option. 100gm of dried figs provide around 220 calories. Other than the calories, figs have a moderately high glycemic index. This may make the blood sugar level rise, as dried figs release a high level of sugar in the body, which is not good for people on a weight-loss diet. So, eat dried figs in small portions.

First Published: Sep 12, 2013 16:47 IST