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Adieu my dear bra: Lockdown has helped women get rid of the most annoying part of their attire

ByNikita Deb
Jul 05, 2020 07:48 PM IST

This four-month-long lockdown may have imposed several restrictions on us, but one thing that we were able to free ourselves from were brassieres. And women are more than happy to say goodbye to them.

For as long as the concept of ‘modern women’ has existed, brassieres have been part of her existence. A forever friend and foe, this item of clothing has been the bane of our existence (at least for many of them) for as long as we can remember. But it has also been touted as one of the most essential pieces of clothing for women. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we all have been stuck at home for almost four months, and women seem to have ditched the bra.

There is no scientific proof that says wearing a bra is better for women’s health.(Photo: Shutterstock)
There is no scientific proof that says wearing a bra is better for women’s health.(Photo: Shutterstock)

A number of working professionals, who otherwise couldn’t imagine stepping out without wearing a bra, have now stopped wearing it when going to buy essentials, etc. But what is the science behind this piece of cloth? Does it harm one’s body if not worn for long? Doctors say no!

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“Wearing a bra or not is a very personal choice that women make. There is insufficient scientific evidence to confirm whether wearing a bra or going braless can cause the breasts to sag or change their shape. Indeed, people with larger breasts might find that wearing a properly fitting bra improves their posture and reduces back pain. What is more harmful is wearing a bra that is not the right size and is a source of extreme discomfort for women,” says Dr Sunita Dube, radiologist, and healthcare entrepreneur.

Dr Sunita Dube, radiologist, and healthcare entrepreneur
Dr Sunita Dube, radiologist, and healthcare entrepreneur

Experts also add that there is no proof that not wearing a bra causes harm to one’s body. “Wearing a bra to bed has been shown to cause discomfort and disrupt your sleep. Meanwhile, during the day, if you’ve been wearing one for decades, you should continue to do so as you won’t derive any benefit from not wearing it at this juncture. There is no concrete evidence that supports that not wearing a bra can lead to sagging. Breast sagging is likely to happen because of a wide variety of variables. It includes age, fertility, weight changes, regular hormonal cycles and pregnancy,” adds Dube.

Debarati (Ria) Chakraborty, an influencer relationship expert, 25, says that she has stopped wearing bras ever since the lockdown started, and if given an option, she would not want to go back to wearing it. “In the last few months, we were restricted to do many things, but I could set my breasts free. I remember how wearing a bra used to upset me as it always hurt my back and made me feel chocked. I have always avoided wearing bras whenever I am in my comfortable space, and it definitely helps me maintain an improved muscle tone as well as my breast, and these are the key benefits of going braless,” she says.

Aditi Pawar, 23, a PR professional, says that she has not been wearing a bra because she is at home, but once things go back to normal, she will “have to convince her body to get readjusted to the bra”. “Women have to wear layers of clothes in our everyday life but since lockdown, I prefer to keep myself free from all the boundaries. So, till the time I am at home, I am definitely not wearing bras,” says Pawar.

Dube adds that going braless has now become a sort of political statement as well. “There is a growing trend among several women, especially millennials, who have voiced opposition and are giving up wearing bras. Due to discomfort, health-related issues, their cost, and for social reasons, women choose to go braless. What is more important is that as a society, we let women make choices that revolve around their mental and physical comfort. Becoming a society where women are not forced to wear bras is still a long journey for all of us,” she adds.

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