Brainstorm in a teacup: Here’s how to give a new life to saucer sets

If your teacups are lying in a corner of the house, because one or two of them are missing from the set and you can’t possibly serve tea in mismatched cup and saucer sets, here’s how you can give them a new life. From pretty planters to dessert stand, you can now creatively reuse your old teacups.

more lifestyle Updated: Mar 06, 2016 15:17 IST
Abhinav Verma
Abhinav Verma
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Turn your vintage teacup into a pretty teacup candle.(Istock)

Is your cupboard cluttered with too many ‘old’ teacups? You don’t have to discard those petite pieces of art just because you have lost one or two from the set. Get a little imaginative and repurpose them by creating beautiful lamps, planters and jewellery organisers. These conversation starter décor pieces that you can create spending little or no money will not only give your pad a quaint makeover but also help you preserve your enviable teacup collection.

1. Teacup candle: To create a beautiful teacup candle, begin with cleaning and drying your cup . Take a candle wick and place it in the centre of your teacup. Glue it on to the base of the cup. Now, take some microwavable soy wax. Microwave the wax and pour it into the cup along with your favourite essential oil. Adjust the candle wick so that it stays in the centre. Let the wan settle down . Your teacup candle is ready!

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Tea Cup Planters (Pinterest/ Gardener’s Supply Company)

2. Pretty planters: Repurpose your large teacups by turning them into quirky planters that can pep up any dull corner of your pad. Begin with placing tiny pebbles and stones at the bottom of the cup for drainage. Top it with potting soil and then plant succulents of your choice. Add more soil and gently press around the base of the plant. You can also plant herbs of your choice in your teacup planter that you can keep on your window sill.

Teacup Dessert Stand (Pinterest/

3. Dessert stand: Your gorgeous looking desserts deserve an equally impressive dessert stand. Here’s how to quickly create one: Turn your cup upside down and apply hot glue at the bottom of the cup and place a saucer on top of it . You have created a vintage dessert stand without spending a penny!

Teacup Pin Cushion (Pinterest/

4. Pin cushion: Stay organised and also add some yesteryear glam to your workstation with a vintage-style pin holder. Place some poly stuffing on a piece of cloth. Shape it into a round cushion, ensuring that the poly stuffing is properly stuffed inside the cloth. Seal the cushion by tying it with a string. Apply hot glue at the bottom of the cup and place the cushion inside it with the tied -up end facing down.To ensure that the cushion properly sticks to the cup, apply a bit of glue onto the sides of the cup. The cute pincushion also makes for an imaginative gift that you can always customise.

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Teacup Chandelier (Pinterest / CraftBits & CraftGossip)

5. Teacup chandelier: How about creating a one-of-its-kind vintage chandelier at almost no cost? Buy an old chandelier stand from your local kabadiwala. Unscrew the bulb holder . Paint the stand in a nice colour that goes with your decor. Shorten the electric wire of the bulb holder. Drill a tiny hole in the centre of your tea cup . Apply hot glue at the bottom of your cup and attach them to the bulb holder. Take out the electrical wire from the hole in the cup and place the bulbs inside the cup. You have a quaint chandelier to show off!

Tea Cup Bird Feeder (Pinterest/

6. Bird feeder: Are you a bird lover who wakes up early morning to feed your feathered friends? Create a unique bird feeder that clubs style with utility. Place your teacup on a small plate with the lip of the cup touching the plate. Attach it with hot glue. Take a rustic looking twine and hang your feeder outside your balcony or window.

Jewellery organiser (Pinterest/ )

7. Jewellery organiser: Organise your jewellery by keeping them in separate holders . Place your teacups in a straight line or in circular manner inside your drawer or cupboard and glue them. Once they are secured, designate different cups for your earrings, rings and necklaces.You can also feast your eyes on your pretty collection every time you open the drawer.

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