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What’s your cat’s personality like? It has got to be one of these

From the curious cat to the dominant one, experts say that cat personalities can broadly be classified into five types.

more lifestyle Updated: Apr 18, 2018 13:15 IST
Abhinav Verma
Abhinav Verma
Hindustan Times
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These furry little cuties are so mysteriously fascinating, right? (iStock)

A cat’s mind, unlike a dog’s, can be hard to read. Your cat might want to be left alone sometimes, might crave your attention when you least expect it or make you pamper it no end, almost like it’s dominating you. This is just why these furry little cuties are so mysteriously fascinating, right? But for a pet owner, this can sometimes mean a whole lot of confusion, too, not knowing what your cat is trying to convey.

However, animal experts say that you can broadly compartmentalise cats’ personalities into five types. To decode the characteristics, we got in touch with Dr. RT Sharma, president of PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society) and Dr. Satbir Josan, veterinarian. Here what you’ve always wanted to know.

1)The anxious one

Say hi to them and they will run for their lives. Don’t force these cats to interact. They need to feel safe and secure before opening up. Give them time to build their self-confidence. They need their own space to feel safe, so make sure you provide them that. Give them card boxes to hide and seek comfort.

2)The curious kind

No, curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat, boredom can too! Some cats hate boredom. They always need some kind of a mental stimulation. Also, there attention span is zero. Want to keep them happy? Shower them with toys and play with them actively to tire them out. Otherwise, goodbye sleep!

3)The Dominator

These cats are the boss and we mean your boss, too. Everything depends on their mood, from eating to wanting attention, and if they don’t get what they want, they create a ruckus. They also don’t gel well with other cats. In fact, they are more likely to bully the others. The only way to deal with them is make sure that they have your attention at all times and that you pamper them regularly.

4)The dream one

Also known as the friendly cat. They are a dream for a cat lover because they are well-adjusted to humans
and their surroundings. They are low-maintenance; they also get along with other cats. And to top it all off, they happen to enjoy a human’s company. So yes, they do take love from you, but also believe in giving it back.

5)The hunter

Now, their hunting tendencies are strong but this doesn’t mean they don’t like you. They just show their love in ways you don’t expect. For example, if they bring a dead or an injured mouse to you, don’t freak out, it is their way of showing that they care for you. Give them stuffed toys to let them practice their hunting skills. They require open spaces because they love to run around freely.

First Published: Apr 18, 2018 11:39 IST