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World Emoji Day: DU College stereotypes explained via emojis

On World Emoji Day today, we tell you the most popular Delhi University college stereotypes via emojis (because, why not!)

more lifestyle Updated: Jul 21, 2018 12:05 IST
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Emojis could one day replace the written word (Well, not really!) But, they’ve pretty much become a language in their own way. These modern hieroglyphics are everywhere, whether you like them or not, and on World Emoji Day today, we’ve decided to use them to interpret popular stereotypes attached to Delhi University colleges. #sorrynotsorry


The Starstruck emoji perfectly describes the typical Hansraj College student who is easily stereotyped for joining the college because Shah Rukh Khan once did too. Since the college is a popular shoot location, this is what an average student there looks like whenever a star is around.


All hail the self-proclaimed king of Delhi University! Hindu college is just the perfect fit for the King emoji since it pretty much likes to ace every category it is put into. And well, if your college has that reputation, don’t you too? Students here are often stereotyped as ones who believe they are at the top of the food chain.


The Queen Emoji and Miranda House seem to be made for each other. The girls of the college pretty much run the world (and the campus). Be it academics, sports, partying or just topping the list of the best colleges, they just manage to do it effortlessly.


LSR isn’t a law college, then why the judge emoji? We think you already know the answer to that! The girls here are considered (or at least consider themselves) the cream of the crop. And, when you’re sitting on top, don’t you have the right to judge everyone else. You see what we did there?


The one place where cut-offs skyrocket every year, this college, despite all its glam is easily stereotyped with the Nerd emoji. Cause when parents try to flaunt that their genius child is studying in SRCC, why wouldn’t it earn the ‘nerd central’ status.


This is one is just the most basic of stereotypes. You mention Khalsa college and the first two things anyone asks are the Punjabi culture of the college and the oh-so-famous Bhangra team there. But, this is also one stereotype that the college students own here — they’re proud of all their college is, and they’re not afraid to show it.


The sassy counterpart of Miranda House, the stereotypes around JMC can best be related to the sassy girl emoji. These girls can score well in fashion, fun and academics — the sass just is a bonus. Plus, teh closer you get to South Delhi, the more your sass increases. #DelhiScience


When you’re the coolest college in the South Campus( so much so, that you end up calling your college Venky), you are bound to be associated with the sunglasses emoji. The students know what’s in vogue, and much like the emoji that describes them, are ones who slay like no other.


This one didn’t need the students to earn the stereotype of a ‘fight club’ kinda college, all it took was one incident between student factions. An incident that still has some students shaking in their boots when they come face to face with a Ramjas dude. The weird part about it, this college doesn’t really match the stereotype attached to it.


They’re like the long lost cousins of Lady Shri Ram College. Oozing with a class (which is pretty much limited to the college grounds), they do everything different from others. Like calling their canteen a cafe, having a separate cut-off and more. The Monocle emoji fits best here!

First Published: Jul 21, 2018 12:05 IST