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World Social Media Day: If Dilliwalahs were social media apps

Today is World Social Media day (Yea, the celebration of the one thing that pretty much runs our life). So we decided to imagine popular apps as Dilliwalahs.

more lifestyle Updated: Jul 04, 2018 11:59 IST
Aditya Dogra
Aditya Dogra
Hindustan Times
World Social Media Day,Apps,Dilliwalahs

There is no power stronger than social media in the world. It rules the web, the world, and is just one of those things that most of us can’t even live without anymore. Right? And, since it is the people who make social media the phenomenon it is, one can easily say that each app has a personality of its own (one that you can relate to the people all around you). So, on the ninth World Social Media day(which went by recently), we decided to pick nine popular social media apps and imagine them as Dilliwalahs. Curious to know what happened? Here are the results.



This one qualifies as the kitty party aunty — the one who always has an opinion, wishes she could go on forever but is mostly cut by another aunty’s opinion (or by another one of her own), and also is your one-stop for all the gossip(mostly scandalous in nature). But you need to tread carefully when it comes to them too. Why, you ask? Well, you wouldn’t want to offend her. Once on the wrong side of Twitter aunty, always on the wrong side of Twitter aunty.



The human avatar of this multimedia messaging app is perfectly embodied by the over-enthu college student variety. They suffer from borderline Selfitis, can’t live without sharing every moment of their existence (and in the pursuit of that, never seem to live a dull life too), and use the many shades of tehir personality as filters for the world. They’re a little bipolar too though, since a single mood of theirs doesn’t last more than a few seconds.



Just like you can’t ignore Instagram, you just can’t ignore their Delhi counterparts too. The divas of social media (or should I say influencers) are everywhere. They are all about beautiful visuals, breathtaking destinations, all the bling and seem to be always living the good life. They even copy a few traits from whoever inspires them enough too, but they’d never really accept it (much like the app). In short, they run on the ‘got it, flaunt it’ mantra.



No one plays the role of this app better than the (over)friendly neighborhood uncles. They’d greet you every time you cross paths, have some of the worst jokes to tell you (and they too were acquired, not thought of), are conspiracy theorists who believe every bit of information they get, and are so irritating at time (specially in groups), that you wish you could mute them. They, in their own capacity, try to be cooler like the Snapchat kids or Instagram divas, but fail to impress anyway. But, somehow their charm just doesn’t seem to fade away.



Have a friend who thinks he/she knows it all, but is super unreliable and invasive? Yep, that’s your FB friend. Time spent with them is like browsing your home feed — they’d make you go through silly videos, will poke you once in a while, drop information from around the world on you (whether you like it or not). But, despite all their flaws, they’re in your life because they were the first friend you made(ones you can’t shake off).



This variety is all about popularity. People wish to spend time with them, learn about them, and brag about them. They are versatile and often spoil you with choices (no matter what the context). But with popularity, also come the haters, the ones who’d love to see them in the dumps. Love them or hate them, you just can’t ignore them.



No one does this personality better than the overprotective Delhi moms. They love to stay in touch, constantly ping you, and just texts or your voice don’t do the job with them; they need to see your face! How else would they be able to read if their children are distressed, hungry and oh-so-in-need of momma dearest. Think of them as the silent guardian, the watchful protector, the hero you not only need, but deserve too.



Think of Tinder and the jacked-up flirts would come to your mind. They are relentlessly looking to score, hit on anyone and everyone they know, and are incredibly gifted fakers too. They live life in swipe lefts and swipe rights, and often disappoint majorly. So much so, that you’d end up falling for the ‘matrimony’ variety.



This variety is the creative lot. The rebels who have oodles of talent oozing from them. You’d meet them in galleries, poetry meet-ups, book launches and gigs, and they’d almost always be an object of envy or inspiration. But remember, when there is so much that they offer, it is easy to get hooked.

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First Published: Jul 04, 2018 11:59 IST