Malavika’s Mumbaistan: Queering the Pitch
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Malavika’s Mumbaistan: Queering the Pitch

mumbai Updated: Oct 12, 2018 00:17 IST
Malavika Sangghvi
Malavika Sangghvi
Hindustan Times
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Jyotsna Suri with her son Keshav Suri.

Jyotsna Suri, chairperson and managing director of Lalit hotels and the former president of FICCI, was known as the wife of the Delhi-based industrialist, the late Lalit Suri, for the better part of her life, but today, she’s known as a dynamic business leader in her own right and the mother of her equally-enterprising LGBTQ activist-son Keshav Suri. As is known, the young Suri fought passionately to repeal the age-old law of section 377, becoming one of the five official petitioners and emerging victorious last month, when the Supreme Court finally made its decision. And now, word comes in that mother and son have set up the KS foundation, which will launch its first event ‘Queering the pitch’, over the weekend. “I am proud to initiate this unique platform where relevant people can engage in a meaningful dialogue about the extremely marginalised LGBTQ community,” read a statement by Jyotsna, who will be the chairperson of the foundation. A thrilled Keshav took to social media to share the news, “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the mother of all mothers. She is a proud mom of a queer person and most importantly, an ally to our community. She is the reason that an institution like FICCI is partaking in a dialogue that queers the pitch. If she ran the world, I can guarantee, it would be an absolutely fabulous place to live in.”We like.

In her Father’s Footsteps

Mandira Kapur Koirala (right) with her late father Surinder Kapur.

“My father always told me I am an entrepreneur because every time I fall, I stand back up. He believed in me. I still learn from him every time I watch his talks on Youtube,” says Delhi-based Mandira Kapur Koirala, who launched Mum Knows Best this week, on the occasion of her late father, Surinder Kapur’s 75th birth anniversary. A pioneer of the India’s auto component industry, the charismatic Kapur, known for his academic approach to engineering and his joie de vivre had passed away three years ago, in Munich. “He always stood by me. I have launched it today, on his 75th birthday, to pay tribute to him and get his blessing,” said Koirala, about her enterprise that has developed a range of natural products using plant and earth essentials derived from nature and created through natural processes such as fermentation, distillation and cold processing. “All our oils are derived from the deep roots of the earth and can proudly boast of natural aromas. And, each product is tested for purity, synergy, potency, sensitivity and stability before it is presented to you.” About her father, Koirala says, “He always told me, people don’t work for you, they work with you, one of the best things I learned from him. The newly-minted entrepreneur and doting daughter adds, “You become because of your team, never alone. I don’t know a more giving human being than him.”

True Lies
It’s become the most-watched story in banking and corporate circles; how with a twist of fate, the warring members of a high-profile family, that promoted a leading private sector bank, have been forced to reconcile their differences and call a truce in the organisation’s larger interest. But according to insiders, there is more to the stories of an impending settlement than meets the eye. “More than providing comfort to stakeholders amidst the escalating uncertainty, the recent news of ‘a constructive and consultative positive approach’ is said to be predicated on the fact that its beleaguered CEO is facing considerable insecurity that he might not be able to count on the loyalty of senior colleagues once he bequeaths his position, and they are likely to shift allegiance to his erstwhile rivals,” says a source. “In the past, he has been reported to run rough shod over his family on the other side of the divide, so his recent olive branch is being seen as a last ditch effort to counter shifting loyalties and allegiances once he exits the hot seat,” says the source. And you thought it was all to do with love apple pie and family feeling.

A Frisson of Creativity

Shahab Durazi (extreme right) with Diana Penty (centre) at the show.

It had begun with a series of posts by the low-profile couturier Shahab Durazi, a few weeks ago: ‘Coming Soon’, the usually-reticent designer, long considered a maestro of impeccable cuts by his peers, had posted on social media, hinting at a forthcoming collaboration with names like actress and model Diana Penty, Simone, the naturally inspired home furnishings brand by Simone Arora, photographer Rafiq Syed, stylist Rahul Vijay and hair and makeup guru Subhash Vagal. Intrigued by the configuration, we’d texted the designer: what was it all about? But he had advised patience. “It will have to wait until it’s posted on social media,” he’d said. But yesterday, Durazi was excited to reveal all, and more. The teaser posts had been to herald his new collection, inspired by the fashion of the fifties and Audrey Hepburn. “We were a dream team,” he said, about the campaign shoot. “Penty, with her classic beauty and grace was the perfect muse to present such a collection. Simone’s beautiful store at Kala Ghoda offered the perfect backdrop for the clothes. Sayed, who I have worked closely with, over three decades, needs no introduction. Vijay, fashion editor at Elle India, is a stylist with immense talent and vision and Vagal translated the Hepburnesque vibe with clarity, class and drama.” What’s more, fans can be privy to all creative frisson that went into the campaign. “It has been documented in a short film too, which we will release shortly after the campaign,” said the designer.

First Published: Oct 12, 2018 00:17 IST