City’s 4th heart transplant fails, patient dies within a few hours

Doctors say his body rejected the transplanted heart

mumbai Updated: Oct 13, 2015 00:17 IST
Priyanka Vora
Priyanka Vora
Hindustan Times

A 45-year-old man from Vasai died within a few hours of undergoing a heart transplant at Fortis hospital, Mulund. He was the fourth patient to undergo heart transplant in the city.

The man was suffering from dilated cardio myopathy, where the heart’s pumping mechanism is compromised and transplant is the only cure. He underwent a cadaver

heart transplant on Sunday night.

“He had hyper acute rejection, a complication where the body rejects the transplanted [new] heart. The heart could not sustain in the body. It is a major problem in any organ transplant programme,” said Dr S Narayani, director of the hospital.

Dr Narayani said that such complications are common in a heart transplant surgery.

The hospital was the first in the city to perform a heart transplant surgery, 47 years after civic-run KEM hospital performed two cadaver heart transplants in 1968.

Three transplants in the recent past have been successful and the patients are now recovering.

The patient was registered with the zonal transplant coordination committee (ZTCC), the body that maintains a waiting list of patients who require an organ transplant, in


The cadaver heart was retrieved from a 53-year-old brain dead man who was admitted to Fortis Hospital. The donor had developed bleeding in the brain, after which he was declared brain dead.

The donor’s liver was not retrieved, as it was “unfit” for transplant, while both the kidneys were transplanted to two patients admitted at private hospitals.

Currently, around 2,800 people in the city are waiting for a kidney transplant and 190

are waiting for a liver transplant.

Meanwhile, doctors at Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital identified another cadaver – two kidneys and a liver — which helped three end-stage organ failure patients.

With the two donations, the city has recorded 34 cadaver donations. The number of donations was 41 last year.

First Published: Oct 13, 2015 00:17 IST