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Neil Bhoopalam tells about his college days, KC college students list out their favourite places to unwind and much more...

mumbai Updated: Aug 20, 2012 15:54 IST
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Stars on campus: Neil Bhoopalam, actor

1 Which was your favourite bunk-and-hangout spot in college?
We’d hang out at Just Around The Corner, Bandra.

2 The weirdest fashion fad you followed back then?
I’d wear loose trousers and chappals to college.

3 Which is the most embarrassing experience you had in college?
I failed my Effective Communications exam in college. It was very ironic because I was already working in radio at that time. That’s when I realised the difference between theory and practice!

4 What was your favourite dish in the canteen?

Neil Bhoopalam studied BMM at National College

(by Nirmika Singh)

Hangout here: KC college
Students list out their favourite places to unwind after a hectic day in class

Marine Drive: This place needs no introduction. With a great view and ambience, it makes for a great hangout zone for post-class chat sessions.

Colaba Causeway: It is not only a shopper’s paradise but also a perfect place for an afternoon hangout.

HR Canteen: This canteen is definitely better than the KC foodcourt. And it is one of the most sought after places on campus.

210: This is a nice place to spend time between classes, as it is very close to college. They offer a yummy spread of fine pastries, cakes and other desserts.

Vihar: For a quick brunch, there’s no other place as delightful as Vihar.

Markiv’s: This is another bakery, which has become a popular spot for surprise birthday treats.

(by Vinod Talreja and Riddhi Jadhav, TYBMM, KC College)

Crazy answers: Who is Dhoble?
And the answers are:

— Shruti Lakhani, FYJC

I think it’s a form of dance
— Bhavi Vyas, FYJC

A cricketer, right?
— Divya Kotak FYJC

A dhobi?
— Palami, FYJC

Police inspector
— Akanksha Jain, FYJC

Of course, I know. He is the editor of HT!
— Aritro Banerjee, FYJC

First day first show

Freshers share their funny/embarrassing/weird incidents on the first day of college

Nauman Kasmani, FYJC
On my first day of college, a professor caught me using my mobile phone. He warned everyone not to use phones in the college premises. Just then, I saw our vice principal using her mobile phone and I immediately countered my professor’s statement, saying that if the VP can use her phone, then so could we. The entire class starting laughing at this.

Afaq Niyazi, FYJC
It was my first day in college and when I stepped into the library, I toppled and fell. Everyone started staring at me and subsequently burst into a laughter. It was very embarrassing and I haven’t entered the library since then.

Vidisha Vedak, FYJC
On my first day, I entered the classroom, oblivious to the fact that the professor was already present there. I was very embarrassed when he said, ‘Am I invisible?’. The entire class started laughing and I quietly took my seat.

(by Soumya Vajpayee and Arundhati Chatterjee)

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