Norms are the first step towards green buildings
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Norms are the first step towards green buildings

Mumbai is known for its revolutionary and distinct housing system since the inception of industrialisation of the city.

mumbai Updated: Dec 05, 2010 01:39 IST

Mumbai is known for its revolutionary and distinct housing system since the inception of industrialisation of the city.
During its journey from community housing, chawls, to skyscrapers, this city has always been witness to shortage of basic amenities and environmental degradation. Mithi River in the midst of the city exemplifies all this in one. It is ironical that all this as happened just under the nose of ‘jagrut’ mumbaikars. The state pollution control board has taken its first step towards a positive direction. But we have a long way to go.
The green building concept should be strictly enforced and adhered to.
We, as mumbaikars, should promote the green building concepts at all the levels, be it the flat we buy or the place we work in.
Nikhil Magu

Developers will cough up bribes
Scams and corruption are running high in the city and the recent notices issued by the state pollution control board are likely to open up yet another Pandoras box. Developers will cough up bribes, as more restrictions means more corruption. The government needs to whet its judiciary powers and cancel the licenses of the realty majors.
Vanita Shenoy

Green buildings
are not feasible
This is not the ripe time for the government to enforce green building norms because the construction and development activities have gained momentum now and any intervention by any government agency at this stage will only hamper the progress of the works. Also the functioning of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board does not appear to be effective when we look all around us. Under the given circumstances, it is better the government interference is restricted to the minimum to avoid delays due to red tapism.
Sudhakar G

Keep an eye open for illegal projects
Residents living in vicinities where new realty projects are coming up should act vigilant.
Builders violate all norms, and get away with it. Residents who want to undertake even repairs to their dilipadated houses in the coastal zones never get sanctions, while builders continue to build skyscrapers after another.
The government should study how the new towers will affect the already overburdened infrastructure. The city needs a sustainable model for development.
Deendayal M Lulla

Citizens should
take a stand
The government can’t do anything, only the people can. There are plenty of laws enforced in India, we need amendments in people’s mindsets and not in the constitution. Our mindsets need to change.
Heer Khant

Realty majors must make amends
The government should enforce the realty majors to make amends for the environmental damage. Sustainable development should be undertaken intensely. If the eco-balance is not maintained now, the rising temperatures will make the city unbearable to reside in.
Anuj Desai

Green buildings are
the only solution
In a city like Mumbai, free floor space for construction is shrinking day by day. There is no other way to increase the space than to construct more floors. But to what extend one can go up is decided by FSI. It is essential to implement the green building norms in order to have a sustainable development.
V Venkitasubramanian

First Published: Dec 05, 2010 01:39 IST