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Teachers warn against relying on guidebooks

If you are one of those who plan to sail through the Boards by cramming the guidebooks at the 11th hour, here’s some bad news for you.

mumbai Updated: Feb 15, 2011 02:22 IST

If you are one of those who plan to sail through the Boards by cramming the guidebooks at the 11th hour, here’s some bad news for you.

Teachers have warned that guidebooks will not really help students prepare for the examination. On the contrary, students end up wasting their precious time on guidebooks. Instead, they should utilise that time to read their NCERT books and classnotes.

Usha Ram, principal of Laxman Public School, Hauz Khas said, “The guides for various subjects available at the market are not helpful at all. They are not written well, have spelling and grammatical errors and one cannot guarantee the veracity of the information in these books.”

She feels that these kind of books could prove detrimental to the students’ performance.

“Students should instead make short notes, which is basically a summary of the chapters. Instead of going through the entire chapters, they can just run their eyes through the notes at the last moment,” she added.

Nishita Mohta, a class 12 student of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road who is appearing for the Boards feels the same.

“Some of my friends use guides, since they feel it’s an easier way to prepare for the exams but I think that the NCERT books are enough my own notes are enough.”

Principal of Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan Jyoti Bose said, “Students should stay away from using guide books and prepare their own notes.” She also feels that guidebooks are standardised and have set pattern.

“With each passing year, CBSE has been trying to encourage conceptual learning rather than rote learning. Guides can never compensate for the class notes and NCERT books,” added Bose.

She also said that students should focus on solving sample papers of the last 10 years, which will give them a fair idea of the kind of questions that they can expect.

‘Too much of stress affects performance’

Caller 1: I am a Class 12 student from Uttarakhand. I am very depressed and anxious regarding the exams. My mother is very authoritative and she wants me to study for 15-16 hours daily. While I am studying, she keeps peeping into my room just to ensure I am studying. I can’t wait to for the Boards to get over as I intend to pursue my higher studies away from home.

Response: One understands it must be very disturbing and stressful for you to cope with such behaviour of your mother. You mentioned you have been a very good student and securing 90% marks despite your circumstances. You also said that your father too wants you to study in an atmosphere, which will be free from your mother’s interference. This is possible only when you secure good marks and you can do that only when you focus on your study. Try to avoid your mother’s interfering attitude. Call your friends or us to share your feelings.

Caller 2: I am in class 10 class and passing through very hard times. My family environment is not conducive for studying. My father is alcoholic. He gets drunk everyday and fights with my mother and brother. I want to study and get good marks.

Response: One understands your anxiety given that you are in such a crucial stage of education. You mentioned that your father stays out since early morning till late evening. Make use of the 14-15 hours when he stays outside to study well. Try to make sure that your day remains pleasant. I understand it is not easy to make day comfortable after a traumatic experience at night daily. But try to focus on your studies.

Caller 3: I am in Class 12. I feel very sleepy and tired all the time. I want to study more but there is no time. My coaching class and assignments for various entrances do not leave me with time to even relax.

Response: You have no time to relax since your mind is always pre-occupied with studies and coaching assignments. That’s the reason you don’t feel fresh.

You need to change your routine and reschedule your day with regular breaks in between studies. Consult your coaching in-charge and request him/her to give a break till the Boards, so that you can only focus only on Boards. Everyone needs certain level of stress to perform but the moment the stress level goes beyond the optimum level the performance comes down drastically.