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We must empower our people, villages, military

Former president Dr Abdul Kalam has always been dreaming of India becoming a superpower. We are already a superpower in terms of population, next only to China.

mumbai Updated: Aug 15, 2010 00:51 IST
Hindustan Times

Former president Dr Abdul Kalam has always been dreaming of India becoming a superpower. We are already a superpower in terms of population, next only to China.

In order to become an economic superpower, the citizens, politicians and bureaucrats have to address a lot of issues at the grass root level, in our villages.

They must ensure that all villages become self-sufficient. It is imperative that promises of infrastructure, water, electricity and health do not remain election promises alone but should become a reality

T.R. Viswanathan

The country needs empowered citizens I believe we should get back to the basics this Independence Day. We must do a reality check and introspect on the past few years. To become a superpower, empowered citizens are a must. By this I mean educating the citizens of the country, giving ourselves better sanitation and hygiene and ensuring safer travel and living. After all, a country is what its people make of it and a powerful country needs empowered citizens.

Janu V.

We must have a strong military If India is to become the world’s next superpower, the first and foremost thing that we need is a strong military. We are way behind our neighbour, China.

We should tap the IITs and other institutions for talent. We should be self-sufficient in manufacturing weapons. The biggest enemy of the nation is corruption and the best way to fight this evil is to empower citizens. We should have user-friendly laws.

Every Independence Day, we just blow our own trumpets without bothering to look into our shortcomings. The best way to celebrate the day is through introspection. Unfortunately, celebrations have become ritualistic.

Deendayal Lulla

Corruption is the only obstacle

From 1947 to 2010, India has made significant progress in various fields. To dream of being the world’s next superpower is neither impossible nor unrealistic.

We have everything to fulfill this dream: The best brains, hard-working, devoted citizens and intelligent strategists. The only obstacle is perhaps the existence of rampant corruption. We give excuses of our helplessness and become a victim or succumb to it, thinking that there is no cure for it. But corruption has to be solved by citizens themselves. We make the government and we, the people, must be the instruments of change.

Sumita Ghosh

This dream is an amusing one

Our obsession to be recognised as the next superpower by the world is amusing. The present superpowers themselves have become caricatures. The USSR has fragmented into smaller countries while Japan and European nations are struggling economically. The USA is not financially stable.

The only criteria for the superpower status of the US and Russia is their military strength. As for India, we are struggling to match our military strength with Pakistan.

It is foolish to expect a country that cannot manufacture a decent bullet-proof jacket to make claims of supremacy. However, this is not to belittle the achievements of Indians. But to earn a position of an influential nation, citizens have to put democracy firmly on the rails.

Before chasing the mirage of superpowerdom, we have to wipe the tears of the humblest and the poorest of the Indian.

Anil P. Bagarka

Let’s begin by changing our attitude

Every Independence Day, we talk about how India can be a super power. Why don’t we ever ask ourselves what we are doing about it?

Every Independence Day we discuss how and where India is lacking and who is supposed to lead our nation? For once why don’t we try and take the lead? We often ask ourselves who is responsible for our country’s development? Why don’t we take on the responsibility? This Independence Day, we need to take a stand and make a change: A change in attitude, the “chalta hai” attitude.

To make India a superpower we need responsible citizens: Citizens who know and respect their and their fellow citizen’s rights and responsibilities; citizens who bother and care about the country.

Anagha Ashok Kamath

First Published: Aug 15, 2010 00:49 IST