Songwriter Navaldeep Singh
Songwriter Navaldeep Singh

Navaldeep Singh’s latest track is a song of lockdown love in tune with hope

Sharing the sentiment that not all is lost and lonely when it comes to love during lockdown, songwriter Navaldeep Singh shares insights on his new track — Raat Kaari
Hindustan Times, Mumbai | By Sammohinee Ghosh
UPDATED ON MAY 29, 2020 11:45 AM IST

The Bohemian-Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote, “Let everything happen to you/ Beauty and terror/ Just keep going/ No feeling is final.” Shedding its skin of mysticism, these words resonate with nearly millennial practicality on listening to poet-writer Navaldeep Singh’s new composition, Raat Kaari. The mind replays the lines “Toot kar jo na jurey/ Woh dil bhi kya dil hua”, that roughly translate to “A broken heart isn’t quite a heart if it doesn’t heal”. Simultaneously, on-screen, an egg is cracked leaving the shell in two halves.

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Navaldeep says that once the peripheral idea of the song was conceived, the first draft took him only fifteen minutes. “It was that unprompted,” he adds. Love during a lockdown is particularly difficult as it isn’t anything young adults have fought previously. It, however, takes them back to times when courtship in letters made lovers feel buoyant. The song, which was released on Fluid, is a summary of how technology doesn’t always aid communication. Asked how he decided on the title and he says, “It is a metaphor for the curfew. Since morning marks the beginning of a usual day, Raat Kaari means one long limitless night, quite like the lockdown.”  

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He shares that shooting a music video from the bounds of our respective homes is challenging. “The singer AB Madhav had to record after draping a blanket over his head and shoulders to cut out background noise... Blankets in May and in India! It got frustrating at times to coordinate over WhatsApp and Zoom and re-doing parts to achieve that exact emotion,” he says. On the upside, Navaldeep says, there was no hurry of wrapping up the shoot in six hours. The actors or singer could take a day’s break and approach the project with a fresh mind later. According to the songwriter, actors Guneet Wahan (who plays Keya) and Aaryan Deshpande (who plays Zayn), this initiative of finding a telling digital escape brought artistes closer to their families. Navaldeep explains, “You have to request someone to hold the camera at a certain angle, give them the brief and repeat the process until done to satisfaction. The process of learning to translate sentiments on visual media helps you bond as a family.”

Singer AB Madhav records from within a blanket
Singer AB Madhav records from within a blanket
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