Modi Nagar murder: ‘I had planned two murders after I was beaten up in full public view’

Sachin Sharma said he was deeply hurt by an incident on February 9 when he was allegedly publicly beaten up by the woman and her relative

noida Updated: Feb 15, 2018 22:53 IST
Peeyush Khandelwal
Peeyush Khandelwal
Hindustan Times
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Police said that after hacking the woman to death in Vijay Nagar area of Modi Nagar, Sharma walked over to the police station with the murder weapon and surrendered himself. (HT Photo)

“I landed three blows on her body and she died instantly on the street. I am remorseful over the incident but that is because I wanted to kill two persons and not just her. I had specially prepared the stainless steel ‘farsa’ (axe) myself. It has no iron metal and it is beautifully crafted,” said Sachin Sharma, the man accused of bludgeoning a 24-year-old woman to death in Ghaziabad’s Modi Nagar town on Wednesday evening. His otehr intented victim was the woman’s relative.

Twenty-five-year-old Sharma is into an iron grille and fabrication business and he said he had made the stainless steel axe himself to carry out the murders. His motive: He was deeply hurt by an incident on February 9 when he was allegedly publicly beaten up by the woman’s relative.

“I went to woman’s house on February 9 and, there, I was beaten badly by one of her relatives. They beat me up not just inside their house but in full public view. After that, I decided that I will kill the woman and her relative to avenge my public humiliation. Upon their complaint, police arrested me and when I got out bail, I made the axe myself to murder the two,” Sharma said.

He was taken by the Modi Nagar police to Ghaziabad court on Thursday afternoon along with the three-foot-long axe, with a sharp-edged head, wrapped and sealed in a cloth. Sharma said after murdering the woman, he walked to the police station with the weapon and surrendered.

“My house is barely 500 metres away from hers. I was at home and when I saw her going to the market. I decided to carry out the attack and waited for her to return to her house. When she arrived, I landed the first blow on her chest and two more on her neck. She fell down in a pool of blood and I walked to the police station,” he said.

“Her relative could not be found. It was a matter of chance that on Wednesday, I saw her going to the market and attacked her on her way back home. I was infuriated to see her face and decided to kill her,” he Sharma said.

Sharma, who has studied up to class 8, said that he was a regular visitor to the woman’s house and she had introduced him as a brother of one of her friends.

“Her family took me lightly at first. We knew each other for the past four years. Once, I proposed her marriage but she turned me down. Later, she proposed me, but this time, I turned her down. Later, she got married elsewhere,” Sharma said.

Following his arrest on Wednesday evening, Sharma faces murder charges and charges under the SC/ST Act. The woman’s father denied that she had any relationship with Sharma. He alleged that his daughter was repeatedly harassed by Sharma on the streets and they finally had to lodge a police complaint “to teach him a lesson”.

The woman was the second of four children and had come to her parent’s house for writing her pending class X examination.

First Published: Feb 15, 2018 22:53 IST