A NCM interaction with Maha-Metro.(HT PHOTO)
A NCM interaction with Maha-Metro.(HT PHOTO)

28 years of going strong on addressing citizen issues for Nagrik Chetna Manch

The aim behind starting the non-governmental organisation (NGO), that will complete its 28th anniversary on August 15, was to create a platform to fight injustice and unfair practices by those holding government offices
Hindustan Times, Pune | By Parth Welankar
UPDATED ON AUG 04, 2019 04:57 PM IST

The call to serve society brought together three friends, in their 60s, Ajay Bhargav, Prakash Kardale and M Mehendale to form Nagrik Chetna Manch (NCM) in August 15, 1991. The trio turned their idea into a functional model on paper during their discussion at Poona Club in Camp.

The aim behind starting the non-governmental organisation (NGO), that will complete its 28th anniversary on August 15, was to create a platform to fight injustice and unfair practices by those holding government offices. The organisation has been working selflessly for the benefit of the city and its residents since its inception.

“The issues raised by Nagrik Chetna Manch were aimed at benefitting the city. From day one, we received a phenomenal response to our initiatives. Residents voluntarily started associating with NCM, in its journey of raising civic issues and problems faced by citizens before the officers of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC),” said Major Gen SCN Jatar (retd), former president (2001-2018) of NCM and also the organisation’s longest serving president.

Talking about his association with the NCM, Jatar said, “After returning to Pune from my Delhi stay, I joined various citizen forums in the city to work for civic causes. In 1999, I met Sarla Datar, the successor to founding president Lt Gen YD Sahasrabuddhe, while seeking legal help.”

“During my tenure as secretary and in line with NCM’s objectives, I focussed on remaining ethical, not support politicians and policies that obstruct growth and development of the city. Ensuring citizens get an acceptable level of services so as to empower them and improve their quality of liveability such as ethical governance, public transport, equitable water supply (registered an online petition which will ultimately become a PIL), proper management, good health and clean environment,” said Qaneez Sukhrani, secretary, NCM.

Jatar takes pride in highlighting the fact that NCM was the first NGO in the city to be appointed on PMC committees in order to tackle various issues in Pune.

Fact file

Name: Nagrik Chetna Manch

Inception: August 15, 1991

Registered under: Societies Registration Act, 1860 vide certificate # Maharashtra/6199-91 dated 17 December 1991 and under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1960 vide certificate # F-7352 (Pune) dated 24 February 1992

Our Mission

To inculcate thrift and scrupulous behaviour at various levels, and to bring transparency in governance by functioning as an active pressure group and conscience-keeper of the Society at large.

Our Objectives

1. To bring transparency in governance and eradicate corruption by using the RTI Act 2005 extensively.

2. To take steps to ensure that the citizens have an acceptable level of services, such as public transport, equitable water supply, proper management/handling of MSW, good health and clean environment.

3. To improve the quality of life of every citizen.

4. To prevent wasteful expenditure in society – both public & private – at the local and national levels.

Activities & Impact

Comprehensive Transport Policy

Traffic Advisory Committee of Pune Police

Repair, Maintenance and Service Committee for BRTS

Comprehensive Mobility Plan

Steering Committee for Preparation of Development Plan 2007

Road and Traffic Management Committee of MCCIA

Encroachments and Unauthorised structures

People’s Commission of Enquiry (PCI)

Occupation without completion or occupation certificate

Misuse of official vehicles

Right to Information Act 2005

Information Boards on Public Sites

Bus Rapid Transport System

Brief to NITI Aayog on PMC’s SWM model

Pune’s high rating by Swachch Bharat Mission is questionable

Brief on Restriction on use of plastic in the packaging industry to NGT

Re-location according to Hawkers Policy

Lack of approval of Draft Bye-Laws by the State

Lack of Standard Documents, Surveys before Commencement of Transport related Projects

Court Cases

1. Visit of Women and Children to Vaishnodevi

2. Tree Authority: HC CP 610-2014 in Bombay High Court

3. TDR case PIL 127-2006 in Bombay High Court

4. Bal Bharati Pud Road PIL 156-2006 in Bombay High Court

5. COEP flyover PIL 73-2010 in Bombay High Court

6. Aadhaar WP 932-2013 in Supreme Court

7. Rochem PIL 18–2015 in Bombay High Court

8. 24-hour Composting Case 190-2016 with NGT Pune Bench:

9.CCI-Collusive Bidding Tree Census-Case No. 12-2017

10. PIL no. 50 / 2017 in Bombay High Court

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