Punjab hikes power tariff by 2.17%; fixed charges also go up

In a two-part plan, thePunjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission has increased the domestic tariff by 10 to 14 paisa per unit and fixed charges by Rs 10 per kilowatt.

punjab Updated: Apr 20, 2018 11:02 IST
Vishal Rambani
Vishal Rambani
Hindustan Times, Patiala
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The Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission (PSERC) has announced to hike power tariff by 2.17 per cent, apart from increasing fixed electricity charges for the financial year 2018-19 for all categories of consumers.

In a two-part plan, the regulator has increased the domestic tariff by 10 to 14 paisa per unit and fixed charges by Rs 10 per kilowatt (kW). Tariff for industrial units has been increased by 10-13 paisa per unit and fixed charges for the same by Rs 10 to 15 per KVA.

The gross revenue requirement has been assessed at Rs 32,486 crore and there is a cumulative gap of Rs 668.91 crore between revenue receipt and expenditure. The average cost of supply has been pegged at Rs 6.55 per unit.

The total amount of balance subsidy is Rs 4,768.65 crore and this year’s subsidy amount is Rs 8,949.37 crore. Therefore, the Punjab government owes Rs 13,718.02 crore total subsidy to the Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd (PSPCL).

The subsidy amount is to be paid in 12 monthly installments of Rs 1,143.17 crore each in advance. As the Punjab government fails to pay the monthly installment of subsidy to PSPCL, PSERC has imposed a 9.36 per cent interest on delayed payment, as PSPCL has to avail of loans whenever the government defaults on subsidy payments.

Out of the total subsidy (Rs 8,949 crore) payable for 2018-19, Rs 6,256.09 crore is for free power to farmers, Rs 1,107.69 crore for free power to scheduled castes, Rs 69.21 crore for free power to non-Dalit BPL (below povery line) families, Rs 75.43 crore for backward classes, Rs 1,441 crore for industry.

“With 2.17 per cent increase in tariff and hike in fixed charges, the total effective hike is 2.6 per cent,” said a power engineer.

The total power purchase next year is likely to be Rs 20,309 crore at a pooled cost of Rs 3.96 per unit. To reduce the burden of fixed cost of 20,417 million units of surplus power estimated to be surrendered by PSPCL during the year, the regulator has decided that any consumption exceeding the threshold limit of maximum annual consumption of the last two years by the industry will be billed at reduced energy charges.

Slabs for domestic consumers

In the new tariff order for domestic consumers, the per unit cost of electricity for 100 units has been increased from Rs 4.81 to Rs 4.91; from Rs 6.38 to Rs 6.51 for 100 to 300 units and Rs 7.12 from 300 to 500 units.

Power usage above 300 units to up to 500 units will cost Rs 7.12 (per unit), while usage above 500 units will cost Rs 7.33, an increase of 14 paisa (per unit).

The fixed charges for 2kw load have been increased from Rs 20 to 25 per kW, Rs 25-35 for 2-7 kW and Rs 40kW for 7kW-50 KW. Fixed charges will be Rs 40kW (earlier Rs 30) for load between 7 kW and50 kW. Above this load, Rs 70 will be charged as fixed charges for per KW.

For agricultural pumpsets, tariff has been increased from Rs 403 per break horse power (BHP) to 411 BHP a month.

First Published: Apr 19, 2018 21:45 IST