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Ex-University of Arizona grad student gets life sentence for killing professor on campus

Ex-University of Arizona grad student gets life sentence for killing professor on campus

Former University of Arizona student Murad Dervish was sentenced to life in prison without parole for fatally shooting professor Thomas Meixner on campus. Dervish, expelled months prior, was found guilty of first-degree murder and other felonies. Prosecutors argued Dervish planned the killing, while his attorney cited a psychotic episode. Dervish fled but was arrested. Meixner's wife lamented the loss, calling him a treasured professor and brilliant scientist.

Colombia launches talks with rebel group led by fighters who returned to arms after 2016 peace deal

Colombia launches talks with rebel group led by fighters who returned to arms after 2016 peace deal

Colombia begins peace talks with the Second Marquetalia rebel group led by former FARC members, seeking to pacify rural areas amid rising violence. The rebel group, disillusioned with the 2016 peace deal implementation, aims to participate in politics without violence. Critics accuse leftist President Petro of being soft on crime. Former FARC commander Ivan Marquez leads the group and suggests constitutional reform for a political accord to succeed.

US is expected to send Ukraine $150 million more in munitions to fight off Russia's attacks

US is expected to send Ukraine $150 million more in munitions to fight off Russia's attacks

The U.S. plans to send $150 million in munitions to Ukraine, amid Russian accusations of U.S.-provided weapons being used in attacks. The shipment may include HIMARS missiles but not cluster munitions. The aid aims to help Ukraine defend against Russian aggression. This marks a shift in U.S. policy, allowing Ukraine to target Russian territory in self-defense.

Two Israeli air strikes targeting aid supplies killed at least 11 Palestinians in Gaza on Monday, medics said, as Israeli tanks pushed deeper into Rafah.

Israel strikes kill at least 11 in Gaza, tanks push further into Rafah

Two Israeli airstrikes in Gaza killed at least 11 Palestinians, including aid workers, as Israeli tanks advanced into Rafah and other areas. Despite international mediation, no ceasefire has been reached. Israel denies targeting aid efforts, while Hamas insists on ending the war. Israeli PM Netanyahu remains committed to a ceasefire proposal but vows to eliminate Hamas. Intense fighting in Gaza could soon shift to the north, according to Netanyahu.

Taiwan's President Lai Ching-te

Autocracy is 'evil', Taiwan President slams China

Taiwan President Lai Ching-te defends democracy after China threatens death penalty for Taiwan separatists. Lai stresses democracy is not a crime, calls autocracy the real evil. Taiwan reports increased Chinese military flights near the island. Lai rejects Beijing's sovereignty claims, offers talks with China. Taiwan views itself as independent, faces domestic challenges with DPP losing majority in parliament.

In this aerial image released by the Maryland National Guard, the cargo ship Dali is stuck under part of the structure of the Francis Scott Key Bridge after the ship hit the bridge, Tuesday, March 26, 2024, in Baltimore.

Dali cargo ship leaves for Virginia, nearly three months after bridge collapse

The cargo ship Dali, which caused the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge, has finally left Baltimore for Virginia after being stuck for almost two months. The ship is headed to Norfolk for container removal and repairs, with the journey expected to take 16-20 hours. Investigations continue into the electrical failures that led to the crash, with crew members now allowed to return home under an agreement. The economic impact on workers and businesses in the area has been significant.

Firefighters take a break as rescue work continues following a deadly fire at a lithium battery factory owned by South Korean battery maker Aricell, in Hwaseong, South Korea

18 Chinese among 22 dead in lithium battery plant fire in South Korea

A massive fire at a South Korean lithium battery plant killed 22 people, mostly Chinese nationals, in one of the country's worst factory disasters. Initial investigations suggest the fire spread rapidly, overwhelming workers with toxic fumes. President Yoon Suk Yeol visited the site and ordered measures to prevent future accidents. Lithium batteries are difficult to control in fires. The factory is owned by Aricell, with its parent company's shares plunging.

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Pakistani teenage boy kills man over alleged blasphemy

A 14-year-old seminary student in Pakistan's Punjab province stabbed a Shia man to death for allegedly speaking against Prophet Muhammad's companions. This is the second blasphemy-related killing in four days. The student was incited by his father and uncle. A police team is searching for the boy, while a case has been registered against the father and uncle.

The Ukrainian military said Monday that it had registered 715 cases of the use of ammunition containing "hazardous chemical compounds" by Russian forces in May. REUTERS/Serhii Smolientsev

Russia using banned chemical agent on battlefield, alleges Ukraine

Ukraine accuses Russia of using prohibited chemicals in frontline attacks, including tear gas. Ukrainian military reports 715 cases of hazardous chemical use by Russian forces in May, with grenades dropped by drones being the main method. Medical facilities have treated 1,385 cases of chemical damage among servicemen. The OPCW says allegations of chemical weapons use in Ukraine are concerning but insufficiently substantiated.

German carmakers most exposed to Chinese counter-tariffs

German carmakers most exposed to Chinese counter-tariffs

China's retaliatory tariffs on the EU's proposed electric vehicle duties could hurt European carmakers, especially German brands like Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen. While most cars sold in China are made locally, high-end models from Germany could face tariffs. Porsche, with no production in China, is most exposed, while Volkswagen has the lowest risk. Other European peers like Volvo, Stellantis, Ferrari, Renault, and Nissan have varying levels of exposure to China.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen delivers a speech during a campaign rally
(File image) (AP Photo/Michel Euler).

Macron's ministers fear Far Right's poll success stoking civil unrest in France

France could see civil disorder and violence during upcoming snap parliamentary elections, with the far-right potentially winning the largest share of the vote. Ministers from Macron's government express concerns over the rise of the far-right and polarization in society, warning of potential unrest. RN leader Bardella disputes claims of being a factor of disorder. A run-off is set for July 7. Concerns also raised about empowering xenophobes.

EU can avoid Hungary block on Russian asset plan for Ukraine, Borrell says

EU can avoid Hungary block on Russian asset plan for Ukraine, Borrell says

EU finds a way to use frozen Russian assets to buy arms for Ukraine despite Hungarian hold-ups. 90% of funds earmarked for military aid, with Hungary having warmer relations with Moscow. EU officials found a legal procedure to approve measures without needing Hungary's consent. First tranche of 1.4 billion euros due next week. G7 leaders also plan to fund $50 billion in loans to Ukraine.

Some onigiri ingredients are seen at the display case at Onigiri Asakusa Yadoroku, Tokyo's oldest onigiri restaurant.

Onigiri, Japan's beloved soul food

The humble rice ball known as "onigiri" has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, reflecting its global popularity. This staple of Japanese cuisine is versatile, simple, and symbolic of traditional Japanese food culture. From classic versions to modern twists, onigiri continues to attract a diverse range of customers and enthusiasts worldwide.

EAM Jaishankar reviews 'multi-faceted' comprehensive strategic partnership with UAE counterpart

EAM Jaishankar reviews 'multi-faceted' comprehensive strategic partnership with UAE counterpart

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar discusses enhancing India-UAE partnership with UAE counterpart Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, exploring new collaboration areas. Jaishankar visits BS Hindu Mandir and participates in International Yoga Day celebrations in Abu Dhabi. Both ministers review bilateral cooperation progress in various sectors, expressing satisfaction. The visit signifies the importance of India-UAE relations and ongoing high-level engagement.

Joe Biden to face off Donald Trump in first US presidential debate on June 27, 2024

Trump and Biden prepare for first US presidential debate

Biden and Trump face off in a pivotal US presidential debate, kicking off the 2024 race. The highly anticipated clash, set for Thursday, will be crucial as both candidates intensify personal attacks. With only two debates this cycle, the showdown holds heightened significance, with moderators having tools to maintain decorum. Social media soundbites are expected to play a key role, with both candidates aiming for viral moments.

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