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As the city now brims with places that claim to serve authentic ice creams using fresh ingredients, make sure you get your money’s worth
Trio of Sicilian ice cream
Trio of Sicilian ice cream
Updated on Aug 30, 2018 05:07 PM IST
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Mumbai | ByRuella Philips

It is safe to say that it’s awfully hard to say no to a good bowl of ice cream. The texture, the creaminess, the array of flavours and so much more makes the dessert appealing to both kids and elders, alike. However, nowadays not all ice creams that are available in the market have any cream in it, or any milk product for that matter.

According to a recent survey by a UK-based firm, a number of supermarket and branded vanilla ice creams contain no vanilla, no cream and no fresh milk. In a number of the products, cream and milk were substituted with partially re-constituted dried skimmed milk, and in some cases, whey protein. Additional non-dairy ingredients in some of the ice-creams included palm oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil and water. Stating his utter disgust for such ice creams, Rakesh Talwar, head chef, Butterfly High, says, “I hate these products, they taste so bad that you’d never want to eat this so called ice cream, technically known and marketed as frozen desserts.”

Talking about the role fresh ingredients play, Nikhil Jain, chef, Coppetto Gelato says, “Nothing can replace the authenticity of natural food. Artificial flavours can’t give you the nutrients your body needs. They are just a cheap substitute .”

Ganesh Bodake, chef at CinCin feels “ingredients play a very vital role” and have a “huge impact” on the flavour of the final product. “When it comes to fresh ingredients you know what you are consuming. Whereas, there are brands which sell delicious ice creams containing saturated fats as well. With brands selling artificially flavoured ice creams, the content of saturated fats in those is much higher, which people turn a blind eye to, mostly due to the taste or lack of better knowledge,” Varun Sheth, founder, 1Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen, further adds.

City chefs also believe that now consumers are “gradually becoming aware of quality food over quantity”. “Everyone loves to eat ice cream. So they don’t mind spending the extra bucks to at least eat right if they are eating outside. This awareness will only increase with time,” says Nikhil. Chef Rakesh adds, “It takes one person to get a good product into the market, and then when people get their hands on it, they feel the difference and they know they are getting something far superior to what they were consuming”.

However, artificial flavours are not the absolute devil, advocates chef Varun. He says, “In fact, sometimes, the texture of an ice cream can be better with added artificial flavours. I believe there is an audience for each one. I feel, people still eat what they deem the most delicious.”

In lieu with the same spirit, HT Café lists some of the most decadent, wholesome and flavourful ice creams that are made using fresh and the finest produce and where you can get a hold of them.

Trio of Sicilian ice cream
Trio of Sicilian ice cream

What: This dish is a combination of three different ice cream flavours that blend well together. The flavours being apple and cinnamon — a classic hit, zabaglione — an Italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar, and sweet wine, and lastly, dulce de leche — a confection prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk with the flavour of it being similar to that of caramel. Almond croccante, which is a crumble of caramelised almond, is scattered over the ice creams for texture.
Where: CinCin, Bandra Kurla Complex

Basil Mandarin Ice Cream
Basil Mandarin Ice Cream

What: A unique combination of basil leaves and the mandarin orange, this ice cream is prepared using heavy cream. The orange zest popping in one’s mouth with every bite adds the required zing to the dessert. Also, the orange rind garnished over the top adds to the appeal of the dish.
Where: Izaya, Nariman Point

Guava Tan Ta Tan
Guava Tan Ta Tan

What: A sweet take on our childhood memories of eating guava slices laced with chilli powder, this dessert is as good as it gets. Chilli ice cream is scooped over puff pastry laced with guava and salted caramel drizzle.
Where: The Bombay Canteen, Lower Parel

Traditional Bebinca
Traditional Bebinca

What: The salted caramelised Goan jaggery ice cream is what steals the show in this dessert.
Where: O Pedro, Bandra Kurla Complex

Nocciola Pure Hazelnut
Nocciola Pure Hazelnut

What: This ice cream is light on the tummy and can be recommended for small eaters. Chocolate, hazelnut and heavy cream is a classic combination that is loved by most.
Where: 1tablespoon Pizza Kitchen, Lower Parel

Custard Apple Gelato
Custard Apple Gelato

What: Using seasonal fruits in any dish is always a good idea. And when it’s used in ice creams, there rarely is a chance that it won’t be a hit. This one’s made using fresh custard apple. Simple yet flavourful.
Where: Across all Coppetto outlets

Ice Cream Rosy
Ice Cream Rosy

What: This ice cream is made using ingredients such as gulkand (sweet rose preserve), paan, rose syrup and heavy cream.
Where: 90 ft Above, Borivali (W)

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