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Ghalib and love in time of Archies

Ghalib sahab would have never written "Yeh ishq nahin asaan" if he would have ever visited Archies gallery. Aakanksha Mohan Sharma tells more.

sex and relationships Updated: Feb 17, 2009 17:07 IST
Aakanksha Mohan Sharma
Aakanksha Mohan Sharma
Hindustan Times
Ghalib and love in time of Archies

The world is fast paced. Every thing is instant.

Na koi aag ka dariya hai


na doob ke jaana hai


yeh instant jamaana hai


My mother says that love was a passion in their time but it has become a fashion now. We fell in love but not for the heck of flaunting it on one particular day. I said, love is still a passion perhaps this day has made it a fashion. And, of course love is all beyond Valentines Day.

One name Mirza Ghalib is very famous for love poetry but most of the people don't know that his anniversary comes a day after Valentines Day. One of my friends thinks that he is a fictional character of black and white days of celluloid.

I met a young boy at Mirza Ghalib ki Haweli on his anniversary. He said, that his style of love has become very old fashioned now. Nobody cares about these things.

But exceptions are every where.

Sarah and Clement, a Spanish-French couple came to India to visit Mirza Ghalib ki Haveli. Sarah fell in love with Ghalib's poetry after reading a translation of one of his verses.


Yeh Ishq nahin aasan, itna samajh leejiye,
ek aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jaana hai..."

Mohd Ajmal, an old resident of Chandni Chowk thinks that difference between Ghalib's sense of love and today's love is as similar to the difference between

Nai dilli


Purani dilli

. "

Nai Dilli

looks beautiful but I don't feel the warmth which I feel in

Purani Dilli

. Similarly, these days' people flaunt their love but it lacks depth and warmth."


arz-e-niyaaz-e-ishq ke qaabil naheen raha
jis dil pe naaz tha mujhe wo dil naheen raha


He said, "This verse of Ghalib is perfect for this generation which can confine love to only one day of year."

A very small portion of this Haveli is kept by Govt. of India as a heritage site. The owner of the Haveli says that "we take rent from all other portions of the haveli except this and it doesn't makes a difference for us as Ghalib never paid rent to my great grand father in his life time."

This small portion of Haveli is so much full of love and pain that you don't need a single glittering day to feel that.

I came back from the Haveli and went to Archies gallery in the evening. I thought Ghalib


would have never written "

Yeh ishq nahin asaan

" if he would have ever visited Archies gallery.

But I do feel that even in this time..."

yeh ishq nahin assan

"... Hats off to Ghalib



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First Published: Feb 16, 2009 18:36 IST