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sex and relationships Updated: Jan 30, 2014 19:14 IST
Dr Kavan Lakdawala
Dr Kavan Lakdawala
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I am 44-year-old and, of late, there have been some fluids oozing out of my vagina. When I consulted my doctor, she said it was “leucoroea”. Can you explain what is it ?

Why didn’t you discuss it with your doctor? Was there any remedy or investigations offered? Follow the gynaecologist’s advice. Discharge from the vagina technically is called leucorrhoea. Numerous causes like infection, inflammation, pregnancy, cancer and approaching menopause can lead to this. At your age, with approaching menopause, the vaginal lining becomes atrophic and dry. The chances of infection are hence increased. Chances of urinary tract infection are also real in your case. Use a condom if you are sexually active.

My girlfriend is 22-year-old and I am 30. We have sex often, and use condoms. She does not seem to enjoy the lovemaking. This leaves me unsatisfied. How is it possible? My other female friends don’t have this issue.

Comparisons will lead you nowhere. In fact it will make both of you more miserable. Vaginismus is the medical term used for tightening of the muscles around the vagina that makes penetration difficult or painful. It may be due to psychological or organic causes. Injury, infections, tumors etc. can lead to Vaginismus. Fear of penetration, pregnancy, STD, dislike for the partner, misconcepts about sex is few of the psychological causes. Better relaxation and manual stimulation may aid you both. Try with good foreplay before jumping the gun. Mutual masturbation may help. Talking with the gynaecologist will be the last resort.

My sex life is suffering for the past four months. I feel difficult to enter her. I feel my penis is bending when erect. What should I do?

The penis when erect is like an inflated balloon. The penis does not have any bones and hence can be easily maneuvered. The erect penis need not be absolutely upright. Slight bending is common. If you are suffering from premature ejaculation, try the stop-start or the squeeze technique. Female causes like Vaginismus need to be ruled out by a gynecologist. Fear of pregnancy or dislike for partner may exaggerate this condition. Relax and try with better foreplay. Mutual masturbation may aid you. If you had a healthy sex life in past, you will recover.

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