Who can be called a virgin?

Find out who can be called a virgin and how it can be detected in woman. Expert Kavan Lakdawala offers advice and answers all queries related to sex. Read on.

sex and relationships Updated: Mar 01, 2012 16:02 IST
Kavan Lakdawala
Kavan Lakdawala
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My friend suggests that the western blot test for HIV is expensive. Is it? And why is it considered to be safe?

The test is used for detecting the presence of HIV antibodies in the human serum and is recommended only in cases where the ELISA Test gives positive results. It may show negative results for the first few weeks after the infection has occurred. That’s termed as the window period. If the ELISA is positive, the results are reconfirmed using the western blot test to label someone HIV positive. Please ask your friend to visit an ICTC. Pre-test counselling is a must before the tests.Brealking dawn

I wish to enjoy intercourse for a longer duration. My friend suggests that doing away with the foreskin may help. Where can I get myself operated for this? Is it too costly and advisable?
Why are you relying on your friend’s advice? There’s no reliable data so far that suggests that the process will effectively help you fight pre-mature ejaculation. You have to undergo circumcision to have the foreskin or the prepuce surgically removed. It’s a religious practice among the Jews and Muslims.

It’s recommended if the prepuce doesn’t retract. Some studies state that sexual pleasure may increase but there are no guarantees for this. After the operation, the penile tip may become tender for a few days. This surgery is performed under under local anaesthesia. Any hospital can help you with the details.

Who can be called a virgin and how can that be detected in a woman?
Virgin is a term used to refer to the one who has not had sexual intercourse ever. Females, who haven’t indulged in the act, have a thin fold of skin called hymen that covers the vaginal opening.

Gynaecologists can tell you if the hymen is intact or ruptured. Remember it maybe ruptured even without sexual encounters, and in that case the woman is still a virgin. There are no blood tests so far for this.

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