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Carnal capers

Youngsters are moving beyond the bedroom to catch quick love bites.

tabloid Updated: Jul 01, 2006 15:19 IST

Which is more romantic: A graveyard or parking lot? Surprised? Well, don't be. Couples are now moving beyond the bedroom to catch quick love bites. For them, wacky spots are the way to go!

Sharing some quiet moments together at Nehru Park or Lodhi Garden is now passé. Today, couples want to be innovative and try different dating places that can stir the senses.

When asked about her ideal dating spot, Shikha, a college-goer, said, "My perfect place would be the ruins one finds in South Delhi. Graveyards are also a nice place."

As if this was not a good enough choice, the lady even suggested storehouses and go-downs as exciting dating places. Looks like it is going to be not just a jittery experience for first date but even a spooky one!

There is also a class of nature lovers. These are the ones who prefer places like forests and mountains for some dozes of love with their partner. And then there are timeless places like beaches that are a favourite among couples. The sound of waves, cool sand and a beautiful sunset seem to be a perfect setting for the flower of love to blossom as couples enjoy each other's company and also the company of nature.

Some daring ones are not afraid to even try places that would be considered dangerous by others. Nisha, another college girl, feels, "Window ledges are a good place for a sexy moment together." Any other places? "Yes, parking lots, busy roadsides and ancient tombs are also my-kinda places," she quips.

Well, one can surely say that after Mallika and Emraan shared some intimate moments on the ledge of a high-rise building, they got some fans in India who wish to follow their daring footsteps.

Rajeev, a young professional says, "Being alone in an elevator can actually turn out to be a cozy place for a quick love bite. One can beat boring time in an elevator by being innovative. But beware! Getting cozy in an elevator can be a little risky also!"

"In India, let alone sharing a peck, even having a casual conversation with a man in your parked car is scary as the stares you get are truly disgusting. Otherwise, even a car can turn into a hot spot for love making who are hard-pressed for time. My ideal place would be the back-seat of my car!" quips Rajeev.

So the advice here is to avoid a car-date lest it the date turns into a nightmare of inquisitive glares!

A rooftop could is also a favourite hang out for younglings who wish to touch the lofty heights of love. A windy weather on the terrace is like icing on the cake!

However, there are those who like playing it safe. Says 19-year-old Amrita, "I think bedroom is still the most romantic and safest of all places."

Well, couples are not hesitant to explore new territories when it comes to getting carnal pleasure. Be it bedroom or a beach, they are in a mood for adventure. Are you?