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Best smart door locks: Top 10 options for pocket-friendly space security

Jan 20, 2024 03:19 PM IST

Explore economical space security with our guide to the best smart door lock solutions under ₹10,000. You can improve your home's security without going broke

With technology permeating every aspect of our lives, the idea of home security has changed dramatically in recent years. In this progression, smart door locks have become essential, giving homeowners a cutting-edge and effective way to secure their areas. This article explores the world of affordable space security and offers a thorough overview of the top smart door lock options that are all under Rs. 10,000.

With its cutting-edge features, smart door locks strengthen your house while providing unmatched ease
With its cutting-edge features, smart door locks strengthen your house while providing unmatched ease

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of having a safe home environment, and with technology improvements, making sure this safety is maintained is now easier than ever. With its cutting-edge features, smart door locks strengthen your house while providing unmatched ease. These gadgets reinvent security concepts, from remote monitoring to keyless access. However, for many, the related expense is one of their top worries. Taking this into consideration, we have put together a list of the top smart door locks that expertly strike a balance between cost and functionality.

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We will examine the many functionalities provided by every smart door lock in this analysis, including virtual assistant compatibility, mobile app integration, and biometric authentication. We will also take into account aspects like simplicity of installation, robustness, and user-friendly interfaces to provide a comprehensive knowledge of each choice.

This article is designed to satisfy the demands of all homeowners, whether you are a tech enthusiast wanting to update your home security or a frugal homeowner searching for an economical but effective solution. Come along on this exploration of the world of affordable space security, where accessibility and innovation come together to rethink how we secure our homes in the twenty-first century.

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Product Description

  1. QUBO Smart Door Lock Essential from Hero Group

Hero Group's QUBO Smart Door Lock Essential is a cutting-edge security solution that flawlessly balances ease and adequate protection. Users may open their houses via fingerprint recognition, PIN code input, RFID card swiping, Bluetooth mobile app connection, or the classic mechanical key. This varied set of access choices accommodates users' tastes and demands. Furthermore, the presence of OTP access improves security by providing an additional layer of protection.

For those wanting enhanced connection, the optional WiFi capability allows for remote control and monitoring via a dedicated mobile app. The sleek and attractive black design provides a contemporary touch to any door and complements a variety of house styles. It is vital to note that the hub for expanded connection is available separately, allowing consumers to customise their security system based on their own needs. The QUBO Smart Door Lock Essential is a brilliant mix of innovation and dependability in home security.

Specifications of QUBO Smart Door Lock Essential from Hero Group

  • Brand: Qubo
  • Special Feature: Fingerprint, Fob Unlock, Passcode Unlock, OTP Access, Key Unlock, Durable, Child Lock, Low Baterry Alert, Rechargeable
  • Lock Type: Key Lock
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Aluminium

OTP Access for Enhanced SecurityLearning Curve for Technology Adoption
Versatile 5-Way UnlockingDependence on Power Sources
Remote Control with WiFi 

2. LAVNA Smart Door Lock LA28

Modern security for wooden doors can be found in the LAVNA Smart Door Lock LA28, which has sophisticated features and a stylish black polished finish constructed of sturdy alloy steel. With its smooth integration, this smart lock offers handy remote control and monitoring capabilities using a Bluetooth smartphone app. One-time passwords (OTPs), RFID card access, PIN input, fingerprint recognition, and a conventional manual key are just a few of the ways users may open their doors.

While the PIN and OTP choices provide further protection levels, the fingerprint recognition technology guarantees quick and safe access. For increased convenience, the RFID card provides a contactless access mechanism. With a solid structure and a contemporary appearance, the LAVNA LA28 not only boosts security but also matches the look of any wooden door, making it a perfect solution for modern smart home situations.

Specifications of LAVNA Smart Door Lock LA28

  • Brand: LAVNA
  • Special Feature: ‎6 ways access
  • Lock Type: Biometric, Keypad
  • Material: Alloy Steel

Remote Control and MonitoringPotential for Technical Glitches
Stylish Design and Durable BuildDependence on Power Source
High-Level Security Features 

3. UNIY UY610 Smart Digital Door Lock (Metal)

A cutting-edge security solution that combines cutting-edge technology with sturdy construction is the UNIY UY610 Smart Digital Door Lock. In addition to fingerprint recognition, RFID card access, PIN code input, and a manual key for conventional usage, this steel door lock offers a variety of access choices. With its theft alarm function, the lock improves security by warning users of any unwanted attempts. It also has a low power reminder to guarantee continuous operation and USB key access for further convenience.

It supports 50 fingerprints, making it suitable for a wide range of user types. With its ability to accommodate doors with thicknesses varying from 30 to 100 mm, this lock offers adaptability for a wide range of uses. Its elegant black appearance elevates the elegance of your home or business security system while also harmonising with contemporary design. The UNIY UY610 provides a complete and easy-to-use solution for protecting your area.

Specifications of UNIY UY610 Smart Digital Door Lock (Metal)

  • Brand: UNIY
  • Special Feature: Auto-Lock, Battery Indicator, theft alarm
  • Lock Type: Biometric
  • Material: Alloy

Low Power ReminderLimited Fingerprint Capacity
Theft Alarm FeatureDoor Thickness Restriction
USB Key Support 

4. UNIY 810 Smart Digital WiFi Door Lock

With its cutting-edge features, the UNIY 810 Smart Digital WiFi Door Lock (Metal) redefines home security. With the Smart Life App, this stylish black door lock easily becomes part of your smart home ecosystem, doing away with the need for a separate gateway. The lock ensures ease and flexibility for each user by providing a variety of access choices, such as fingerprint recognition, PIN input, one-time password (OTP), RFID card, and a typical manual key.

Featuring a sturdy 5-bolt strong mortise, this smart door lock offers improved security against unwanted entry. It's perfect for families because of its kid lock function, which provides an added degree of protection.

The UNIY 810 offers a smooth and fashionable integration into your house and is mainly made of wooden doors. With its cutting-edge smart door lock that combines strong construction and contemporary technology, you and your loved ones may embrace the future of home security and feel secure.

Specifications of UNIY 810 Smart Digital WiFi Door Lock

  • Brand: UNIY
  • Special Feature: Auto-Lock, Battery Indicator, theft alarm
  • Lock Type: Biometric
  • Material: Alloy

Smart Integration without GatewayPotential Security Concerns
Versatile Access OptionsInitial Setup Complexity
5-Bolt Strong Mortise 

5. Helett HT210 Digital Door Lock

The Helett HT210 Digital Door Lock is a cutting-edge security system that combines modern technology with easy-to-use features. With its biometric features, this lock can accept up to 50 fingerprints, guaranteeing safe access for authorised users. In addition to fingerprint recognition, the lock contains a manual key for conventional entry, making it a flexible and dependable option.

Mortise support provides an additional layer of stability and durability, catering to doors ranging in thickness from 30mm to 100mm and mainly built for both aluminium and timber doors. The lock is compatible with both right and left door knobs, increasing its flexibility. Furthermore, in the event of an emergency or power loss, the USB Emergency Unlock function provides a fail-safe alternative for unlocking. The Helett HT210 Digital Door Lock delivers a complete and beautiful security solution for contemporary homes and companies.

Specifications of Helett HT210 Digital Door Lock

  • Brand: Helett
  • Special Feature: easy to install
  • Lock Type: Biometric, Key Lock
  • Material: Alloy

Advanced Biometric SecurityRisk of False Positives/Negatives
USB Emergency UnlockDependance on Power
Mortise Support 

6. LAVNA Smart Door Lock LA16

The LAVNA Smart Door Lock LA16 is a cutting-edge and secure solution for wooden doors, with a sleek and contemporary design and stylish black finish. This cutting-edge smart lock combines numerous authentication mechanisms for easy and reliable access management.

Users may open the door using their fingerprint, a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app, a unique PIN, a one-time password (OTP), an RFID card, or a classic manual key.

The fingerprint recognition technology assures quick and accurate entry, and the Bluetooth mobile app enables users to operate and monitor the lock remotely. The PIN and OTP choices offer security levels while responding to a wide range of user preferences. The addition of RFID cards provides a contactless entry option, while physical key access acts as a safeguard for traditionalists. The LAVNA Smart Door Lock LA16 is a complete solution for contemporary homeowners looking for a balance of ease and security in home access management.

Specifications of LAVNA Smart Door Lock LA16

  • Brand: LAVNA
  • Special Feature: easy to install
  • Lock Type: Key Lock
  • Style: Modern

Remote Control via Mobile AppPotential Connectivity Issues
Sleek and Modern DesignInitial Setup Complexity

7. Ozone Smart Door Locks

Ozone Smart Door Locks uses cutting-edge technology to reinvent security and convenience for homes and workplaces. This Main Door Lock effortlessly combines innovative technologies, providing various entry points for a more personalised and secure experience.

Use the Fingerprint Door Lock for rapid and reliable entrance, ensuring that only authorised persons have access to your area. The Mobile App puts control at your fingertips by enabling One-Time Passwords (OTP) for secure remote access. This Smart Lock for Door also allows RFID Card entry, combining modernism and versatility.

In the event of an emergency or technical malfunction, the availability of an Emergency Key enables fail-safe accessibility. With its sleek Black appearance, it matches any door style. The Biometric Lock ensures increased security and peace of mind. Ozone Smart Door Locks are a sturdy and trustworthy solution that elegantly blends style and safety into your home or working environment. They come with a 24-month warranty.

Specifications of Ozone Smart Door Locks

  • Brand: Ozone
  • Special Feature: easy to install
  • Lock Type: Biometric
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Advanced Security FeaturesCompatibility Concerns
Convenient Access OptionsSlight Security Risks
Emergency Access 

8. LAVNA LE50 Smart Electronic Metal Door Lock

With its seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and strong security features, the LAVNA LE50 Smart Electronic Metal Door Lock offers a complete security solution for both homes and offices. The lock's elegant Black & Grey design guarantees superior safety in addition to enhancing the visual attractiveness of metal doors. Users may conveniently lock and unlock the door with their cell phones thanks to the Bluetooth mobile app. The lock also accepts conventional manual key access, RFID cards, PIN codes, and fingerprint recognition, among other numerous entryways.

Its adaptability guarantees users freedom and accommodates a wide range of tastes. It is a dependable option for anyone looking for a stylish and safe smart door lock that fits in with contemporary living and workplaces because of its cutting-edge features. Convenience is given priority in the LAVNA LE50, a technical wonder that maintains the highest standards of security and safety.

Specifications of LAVNA LE50 Smart Electronic Metal Door Lock

  • Brand: LAVNA
  • Special Feature: Fingerprint, Mobile app, PIN, Card, Manual Key
  • Lock Type: Biometric RIM Lock
  • Material: Metal

Comprehensive Security FeaturesHigher Initial Cost
Multifaceted Access Options 
Stylish Design 

9. Yale YDME 50 Pro, Smart Door Lock

The Yale YDME 50 Pro is a cutting-edge smart door lock intended for home and workplace protection. Its sleek black finish perfectly mixes elegance and utility. This innovative lock system provides customers with a variety of access choices, including a secure pin code, RFID card, and classic mechanical keys, making it adaptable and handy. The PIN code feature improves security by enabling different users to have personalised access codes.

The use of RFID cards adds a contemporary touch, allowing for keyless entrance and increased convenience. Mechanical keys are available for individuals who prefer more conventional techniques. Yale takes security seriously, and the YDME 50 Pro is packed with cutting-edge technology to protect your property. As a bonus, the bundle includes free installation, ensuring a smooth setup process. Upgrade your home or workplace security with the Yale YDME 50 Pro, a clever, dependable, and user-friendly smart door lock system.

Specifications of Yale YDME 50 Pro, Smart Door Lock

  • Brand: LAVNA
  • Special Feature: Fingerprint, Mobile app, PIN, Card, Manual Key
  • Lock Type: Biometric RIM Lock
  • Material: Metal

Modern Security FeaturesPotential for Technical Glitches
Versatile Access OptionsHigher Price Point
Free Installation 

10. Valencia- Hola Smart Door Lock

The Valencia Hola Smart Door Lock offers a chic and contemporary access control solution by skillfully fusing cutting-edge security features with exquisite design. With a variety of easy alternatives for opening doors, this cutting-edge smart lock offers customers a multitude of options for entrance, including fingerprint recognition, RFID card access, PIN code input, and classic manual key access. The sleek glass surface improves the lock's visual appeal, while the gold finish gives it a sense of elegance.

The Valencia Hola stands out for its cutting-edge technology and intuitive interface, which provide homeowners with a hassle-free experience. Take advantage of the added security and peace of mind without sacrificing flair. Free installation is a bonus that makes the setup procedure easier. This makes it a complete and approachable option for anybody looking for a high-tech, dependable, and eye-catching door lock for their house or place of business.

Specifications of Valencia- Hola Smart Door Lock with Fingerprint,

  • Brand: LAVNA
  • Special Feature: Fingerprint, Mobile app, PIN, Card, Manual Key
  • Lock Type: Biometric RIM Lock
  • Material: Metal

Multi-Access OptionsPower Dependency
Enhanced Security 
Elegant Design 

Three best features

 Product Feature 1Feature 2Feature 3
QUBO Smart Door Lock Essential from Hero GroupBiometric AccessMobile App IntegrationAuto-Locking Feature
LAVNA Smart Door Lock LA28Keyless EntryIntrusion Alert SystemRemote Access and Control
UNIY UY610 Smart Digital Door Lock (Metal)Password ProtectionWeather-resistant DesignWiFi Connectivity
UNIY 810 Smart Digital WiFi Door LockWiFi ConnectivityVoice Control CompatibilityActivity Log Monitoring
Helett HT210 Digital Door LockRFID Card AccessOne-Touch LockingLow Battery Warning
LAVNA Smart Door Lock LA16PIN Code AccessAnti-Peep PasswordMobile Alerts
Ozone Smart Door LocksFingerprint RecognitionEmergency Power SupplyMultiple Access Options
LAVNA LE50 Smart Electronic Metal Door LockFace RecognitionAuto-Unlock with ProximitySecure Guest Access
Yale YDME 50 Pro, Smart Door LockZ-Wave IntegrationTamper AlarmTouchscreen Keypad
Valencia- Hola Smart Door LockSmartphoneMechanical Key OverrideApp-based Access Management

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Best value for money product

The UNIY UY610 Smart Digital Door Lock stands out as the best value-for-money product. With its strong features, which include weather-resistant construction, password protection, and tamper detection, the UY610 provides an extensive security solution at a reasonable cost. Its combination of cutting-edge features, robust construction, and affordable price makes it a desirable option for customers looking for dependable, smart door lock technology without going over budget.

For those who value both security and cost-effectiveness, the addition of characteristics like weather resistance guarantees long-lasting performance in a variety of situations. The UNIY UY610 is a smart door lock that is an excellent option for those on a budget since it offers a mix of cost and cutting-edge security features.

Best overall product

The Yale YDME 50 Pro Smart Door Lock stands out as the best overall product in the smart door lock market. Because of its Z-Wave technology integration, customers may enjoy a complete and networked security solution that works seamlessly with smart home ecosystems.

A tamper alarm, touchscreen keypad, and Z-Wave connection for further smart home connectivity are just a few of the remarkable features that the YDME 50 Pro has to offer. For those looking for a high-end smart door lock that is exceptional in both functionality and aesthetics, this lock is an excellent option because of its elegant design and user-friendly features. As the most outstanding all-around solution in the smart door lock market, the Yale YDME 50 Pro finds the ideal mix of cutting-edge technology, strong security, and usability.

How to find the best smart door lock?

Finding the best smart door lock involves considering various factors to ensure it meets your specific needs and preferences.

  • Compatibility: Make sure the smart door lock is compatible with your current door and lock. Check the door's size, thickness, and kind (wood, metal, etc.).
  • Connectivity alternatives: Evaluate your connectivity alternatives. Common options include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave. Choose one that works well with your smart home environment and provides the necessary amount of remote control.
  • Security Features: Look for advanced security features such as biometric access (fingerprint, face recognition), keypad entry, and tamper alerts. Robust security guarantees the safety of your house.
  • Power Source: Give it some thought. Smart door locks may be either battery-powered or hardwired. Battery-powered locks are increasingly widespread, but look for energy-efficient ones that have a long battery life.
  • Mobile App Compatibility: Determine if the smart door lock comes with a user-friendly mobile application. The app should let you remotely operate and monitor the lock, get notifications, and adjust access rights.
  • Installation Process: Determine the simplicity of installation. Some smart door locks are intended for simple DIY installation, while others may need expert help. Choose one that is appropriate for your level of comfort and competence.
  • Integration with Smart Home Systems: If you have other smart home devices, make sure the smart door lock works smoothly with your current system. Compatibility with platforms such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa may improve total home automation.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you may choose the best smart door lock that meets your security requirements, house layout, and personal preferences.

FAQs on smart door lock

  • Can I install a smart door lock on any type of door?

    Although smart door locks are made to work with a variety of door styles, it's essential to review the product specs. The majority of locks are compatible with standard residential doors composed of metal or wood.

  • How long do batteries last in a smart door lock?

    The lifespan of batteries varies across models. The typical battery life of smart door locks is between six months and more than a year.

  • Are smart door locks safe, or can they be hacked?

    To prevent hacking, smart door locks use cutting-edge encryption and security procedures. Like any technology, they are not impervious, however.

  • Can I use a physical key with a smart door lock?

    A physical key override is often included with smart door locks as a backup.

  • What happens if there is a power outage for the smart door lock?

    The majority of smart door locks contain backup mechanisms in case of a power interruption. Generally speaking, locks that run on batteries still work, and several versions even include emergency power connectors for external power sources.

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