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HT Weekend photos


Photos: Celebrities who started off on reality shows

Harry Styles. He got a start in music by auditioning as a solo contestant on the British music competition series The X Factor in 2010.
Published on Nov 04, 2022 06:38 PM IST

Photos: Snapshots from staring at the Sun

At first sight: For centuries, sunspots were thought to be Mercury passing across the Sun. By the early 17th century, with the invention of the telescope, astronomers could get a clearer look. In 1610, Galileo Galilei (who first used the telescope to observe space) in Italy and his British contemporary Thomas Harriot identified these as spots on the Sun. Seen here are 35 drawings of sunspots created by Galileo between June 2 and July 8, 1612.
Published on Oct 20, 2022 04:13 PM IST

Photos: How archivists are helping preserve family legacies

Calcutta Houses was initially an Instagram page run by Manish Golder, Sidhartha Hajra and Sayan Dutta. They scoured the city and archived heritage homes, some dating to the early 1800s, others as recent as the Art Deco trend of the 1960s, many that would not be around much longer. Last year they got their first request to document in details a family home that they had featured on their page. Golder has now been commissioned to archive a 200-year-old ancestral home called Barrister Babur Bari (Barrister’s Home; seen here).
Published on Sep 29, 2022 09:33 PM IST

Photos: How climate change is unearthing new histories

In Texas, USA, a mega-drought has revealed 113 million-year-old footprints of an acrocanthosaurus in the dried-up riverbed of the Paluxy River. The massive footprints, ironically situated within the Dinosaur Valley State Park, have not been seen since 2000.
Published on Sep 23, 2022 07:53 PM IST

Photos: Letters from the new anti-caste abecedary

K is for Khairlanji, the massacre in which members of the Scheduled Caste Bhotmange family were tortured and hacked to death by fellow villagers for filing a police complaint over a land dispute, in the village of Khairlanji in Bhandara district, Maharashtra, in 2006.
Updated on Sep 02, 2022 06:17 PM IST

Photos: Two Australian national parks offer lessons, surprises, delights

The Mary River wetlands in Australia’s Northern Territory, are located 150 km east of Darwin. There’s profusion of wildlife: whistling duck, pygmy goose, lotus lilies, kookaburras, and saltwater crocodiles in groups of twos and threes.
Published on Aug 27, 2022 01:37 PM IST

Photos: 10 new museums to visit in India

A view inside Joint Replacement Museum in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The non-profit Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons opened India’s first arthroplasty museum this year. Some 200 exhibits, dating from the 1970s onward, chart how the field has evolved. Drop in to learn about complicated case studies and best practices.  
Published on Aug 19, 2022 07:54 PM IST

Photos | Totos of Totopara: Glimpses of an endangered tribe  

A jeep ferries traders to the village of Totopara, home to the Toto tribe of West Bengal. The village is in a remote area near the border with Bhutan. These jeeps transport the traders from the nearest town, Madarihat, 24 km away, along a route that winds across six river beds. In the monsoons, Totopara becomes inaccessible.
Updated on Jul 08, 2022 04:20 PM IST

Photos: Highlights from the National Insect Museum   

The Kikiki Huna: This is the smallest winged insect in the world, measuring about 0.6 mm. The genus Kikiki was recorded in India for the first time in 2013 in Tamil Nadu. It took another two years to find enough female specimens to confirm species identity. “It’s a parasitic wasp which you cannot see with your naked eye,” says Ankita Gupta, the entomologist in charge of the museum and an expert in parasitic wasps. “But it has all the systems an insect should have — six legs, wings, a reproductory and a respiratory system.” 
Updated on Nov 13, 2021 03:37 PM IST

A different lens: Photography with a mission by Vijay S Jodha

Born to Perform: Part of a four-year-old and ongoing photo project shot in India and aboard with performing artists from 20 countries. Chinese ballet dancer Ma Li has one arm while Zhai Xiaowei has one leg but together they have performed all over the world.
Updated on Oct 15, 2021 08:29 AM IST

Photos: Loss and longing in Goa

Goa-based architect and historian Vishvesh Prabhakar Kandolkar’s site-specific installation. This is not the Basilica! It is a large print of the the Basilica of Bom Jesus hidden behind a protective covering of palm fronds, to indicate the fragile nature of the structure and the weak efforts made to protect the 16th-century monument.  
Updated on Oct 03, 2021 03:07 PM IST

Photos: Birds of India, DAG’s stunning exhibition of paintings from 1800 to 1835

Company Paintings - 1800 to 1835 is India’s first exhibition of its kind devoted entirely to Indian birds. They’re works by unknown Indian masters commissioned by the British East India Company in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, to document India’s animals, plants, monuments and people. This image is of a Cinereous Vulture (Aegypius monachus).
Published on Sep 03, 2021 04:56 PM IST

Photos: A look at Anupama Kundoo’s internationally acclaimed architectural work

Anupama Kundoo, 54, was awarded the Auguste Perret Prize for Technology in Architecture by the International Union of Architects in May. Last week, the Royal Institute of British Architects chose her for the RIBA Charles Jencks Award, which she is set to receive in November. You may not have heard of her. But you’ve probably seen her residence, Wall House. It was showcased in the India episode of the Apple TV series Home last year.
Updated on Aug 30, 2021 12:28 PM IST

Photos: Sarah Williamson and her Art Activist Barbie take on the patriarchy

Sarah Williamson, a senior lecturer from the UK, has been using a Barbie doll to protest against patriarchy since November 2018. She calls her doll Art Activist Barbie. Here AAB protests at The National Gallery, London, in March 2021, pointing out that there are 2,300 works by men in the gallery’s permanent collection, and only 21 by women.
Updated on May 30, 2021 02:53 PM IST
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