The image shows an individual cutting a brick of butter.(Instagram/@foodieagraaaaa)
The image shows an individual cutting a brick of butter.(Instagram/@foodieagraaaaa)

Bizarre food alert: Netizens share their thoughts on ‘butter tea’. Would you try it?

This video was shared on the Instagram account of Foodie Agra.
By Sanya Budhiraja
PUBLISHED ON JAN 18, 2021 01:25 AM IST

When it comes to odd food combos, the Internet doesn't have a dearth of dishes that can make some go "ew," in disgust whilst some say "oh," in wonder. A novel item has been added to this list of bizarre food combos courtesy of the Instagram page Foodie Agra which shares posts about the best spots to eat at in the city. This video, which shows an individual making 'butter tea', has captured the attention of many. The recording may leave you with thoughts too.

Foodie Agra shared this Instagram post with a caption reading, "Baba tea stall near Ram Babu Paratha Bhandar, Agra".

The clip opens to a shot of an individual cutting a brick of butter. The pieces fall into a pot wherein tea is brewing. Once the butter sticks have dissolved into the drink, the individual pours it in a dish through a sieve.

Check out the recording below:

Are you left feeling a plethora of emotions after having seen that video? If so, then know that you're not alone. Since being shared on the photo and video sharing platform, this post has captured netizens' attention. The share currently has almost 2.5 lakh likes and has simultaneously accumulated many comments.

Here's what Instagram users had to say about the share. One person said, "Adrak is best," voicing their preference.

Another individual wrote, "It's salty butter tea in Bhutan people have this tea, and it's not as bad as you guys think. Find the recipe in Google and try it". "Ew, chai ke under butter," read one comment under the post.

What are your thoughts on this share? Would you try this 'butter tea'?

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