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Couple parts ways after 26 years of marriage, friend calls it the ‘nicest divorce’. Here’s why

ByTrisha Sengupta
Mar 01, 2024 12:37 PM IST

“Two friends are getting divorced after 26 years of marriage and my god this is the nicest divorce I’ve seen!" an X user wrote as a part of her post.

A post about a couple getting divorced after being married for over two decades has taken social media by storm. Posted on X, the viral tweet is by a woman who shared that she is a friend of the couple. In her post she explained why it is the “nicest divorce” she has ever seen.

A woman's tweet about her friends having the "nicest divorce" she has ever seen has gone viral. (Unsplash/@kellysikkema)
A woman's tweet about her friends having the "nicest divorce" she has ever seen has gone viral. (Unsplash/@kellysikkema)

“2 friends are getting divorced after 26 years of marriage and my god this is the NICEST divorce I’ve seen! The woman had left her job to take care of the house. Now the husband is buying her a house, doing it for her taste because he knows it better than her, building her multiple FDs, bonds, so she has regular income every month, parked gold for her future security, bought land in her name, got a very high-value medical insurance and there is zero ugliness through this whole process!” X user Shruti Chaturvedi wrote.

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“He is doing everything to ensure she is going to be financially safe without him. None of them would stand hearing one bad thing about the other, let alone bad mouth about each other,” she added.

Take a look at the entire post here:

The post was shared two days ago. Since then, the tweet has gone viral with over 1.4 million views. The share has further accumulated several comments from people.

What did X users say about this tweet?

“Is it possible to share the reason for divorce? Because he apparently cares for her well-being. Then why leave her at this stage of life? Not for judgement, just curious,” asked an X user. To this, Chaturvedi replied, “General disconnect and unhappiness. There is nothing more to it than this”. Another added, “They may not live together but will always be amazing friends”. Chaturvedi agreed with the X user and added, “1000%. They still are. I was at dinner with them and their friendship is ROCK!”

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A third shared, “Sounds a lot like my divorce - we are still best friends, and we worked out most of the things you wrote about above there. We’ve been together 34 years, though divorced 4 years ago. The kids are 29 & 25. We are there for each other when needed, in emergencies. When you spend your life with one person, you realise that hate, anger, and bitterness are not in the equation”.

“It's truly inspiring to witness someone who embodies grace, ethics, and responsibility. Unfortunately, in today's world, it's not uncommon to see people walk away from relationships as if they never existed, leaving behind nothing but a trail of hurt. It's disheartening to see families ghosting, instead of parting ways in a dignified manner. It's a reminder that generosity and basic ethics are virtues that not everyone possesses, yet they can make all the difference in how we treat others and the legacy we leave behind,” wrote a fourth.

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