The image shows the pug looking at the snack.(Reddit/MeliaDanae)
The image shows the pug looking at the snack.(Reddit/MeliaDanae)

Obedient pug takes tiny bite from human’s snack, leaves netizens gushing

  • “Gentle MONCH,” said a Reddit user.
By Srimoyee Chowdhury
PUBLISHED ON APR 26, 2021 09:39 PM IST

Some doggos are extremely good boys and videos showing them behaving obediently are the best proofs of that. This Reddit video showing a pug politely taking a bite of its human’s snack is one such apt example. The clip may leave you wanting to pet the pug for being such an obedient doggo.

The video starts with the pug’s human offering it a star-shaped chicken nugget. The person goes on to tell the pooch to have a small bite and the doggo obliges.

Take a look at the video:

Shared on April 26, the clip has garnered over 2,000 upvotes. People couldn’t stop showering their love for the obedient pug. While some shared how their dogs would totally gulp down the whole thing, others took the route of hilarity to share their views.

“Aww I want that dog now,” wrote a Reddit user. “I've watched this 3x and I’mma keep watching it till I overdose on cuteness,” commented another. “Gentle MONCH,” said a third.

What do you think of this cute clip?

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