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Techie outrages people after criticising Ghazal Alagh's pregnancy post. Here's what happened

ByVrinda Jain
Apr 09, 2024 01:49 PM IST

After the techie shared about how she felt that Ghazal Alagh's pregnancy post was "nonsense," many people schooled her.

AI Engineer Prakriti Sharma recently took to LinkedIn and called Mama Earth's Ghazal Alagh's "nonsense" over her pregnancy post. It all started when Alagh took to the professional networking site and shared about her pregnancy journey and managing work.

Ghazal Alagh shared this picture on LinkedIn.
Ghazal Alagh shared this picture on LinkedIn.

In the post, Alagh wrote, "I have heard this from friends and relatives multiple times and when the Shark Tank India opportunity came my way. To address this tag, I decided to take up the opportunity while I was in my 8th month of pregnancy and shoot 12 hours a day along with others. My goal was to inspire others and break this prevailing myth, especially amongst men, that women become less active or capable during this phase of their lives."

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She further added, "This year, four managers in my innovation team are pregnant, and we have taken the highest revenue goal on innovation. We are confident we will not only deliver the babies but also over-deliver on our goals. We are there for each other whenever one needs support." (Also Read: Who is Nadine Ahn? 7 points on Royal Bank Of Canada CFO fired for 'undisclosed relationship')

Take a look at her post here:

Soon after this post was made, Prakriti Sharma reshared it and wrote, "I find it absolute nonsense that a pregnant lady would prioritise a shoot for the external world to see over her own child's well-being. Posting about being stupid and harsh on herself during pregnancy and seeking validation for the same from the Internet makes it even awful to watch. Ladies, please, be mindful about who you look up to & do not follow any bullshit advice served on the Internet." (Also Read: Hyderabad over Bengaluru any day? Founder's 5 major reasons divides the Internet)

Take a look at her post here:

Snapshot of the techie slamming Ghazal Alagh.
Snapshot of the techie slamming Ghazal Alagh.

After Prakriti Sharma's post was shared, it received more than 700 likes and numerous comments. Many people flocked to the comments section of the post and shared their reactions.

Here's how people reacted to it:

An individual wrote, "There is no 'one shoe fits all approach' in pregnancy just like in other aspects of one's life. We should exercise caution when trying to generalise what a pregnant woman can do and should do and leave that choice to her, her overall health and maybe her doctor and her family. Generalising this issue cuts both ways - if a sudden perception shift happens that all pregnant women can do everything and more, then it takes away the support system and understanding in the workplace and other areas of her life that other women might need. On the other hand, such examples of pregnant women doing amazing stuff need to be highlighted and even celebrated when it can happen because it is a triumph and rebuttal to all those who refuse to hire a pregnant woman, thinking that she won't be able to manage." (Also Read: 'Reeks of desperation': Ex-CTO rejects job applicant for ‘offer shopping’. How the Internet reacted)

A second said, "As someone who worked through both my pregnancies, I can assure you that there is absolutely nothing unsafe in working till delivery unless there is any medical condition. In fact, the gynaecs encourage you to be active. It is sad to see a woman bringing down another woman (very much playing into the stereotype!). We are fighting enough battles already! Let us learn to respect people's choices instead of judging them."

"I think the meaning of what it means to be empowered has been lost in today's climate. If this is the choice one chooses, great. But peddling this as the pinnacle of what it means to take control of life and the opportunities it provides is deeply unsettling," posted a third.

A fourth commented, "Pregnancy experiences vary for everyone, my dear. What works for one may not work for another. Some find joy in staying active with work, while others prefer rest. Criticising someone's pregnancy routine is unjustified. I have a colleague in her third trimester who works happily, though she has the option to rest. It's strange to judge another woman's pregnancy routine. You're criticising her for posting this on the Internet, yet you're doing the same."

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