Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar highlights: Salman Khan scares Srishty Rode with a police case
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Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar highlights: Salman Khan scares Srishty Rode with a police case

Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar highlights: Host Salman Khan says he is disappointed with contestants for getting violent with each other and warns them he’ll leave the show if it continues.

By HT Correspondent | Oct 13, 2018 22:41 IST

On Saturday’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, host Salman Khan scolds the contestants for getting violent with each other in the house. He warns them that he we’ll throw them out if the pushing, kicking and slapping continued in the house.

Actor Kajol also arrives on sets to promote her upcoming movie, Helicopter Eela. The contestants try their best to entertain her and she asks them some interesting questions. Check out all the highlights from the episode:

10:23 PM IST

Kajol arrives on Bigg Boss

Salman welcomes Kajol into the house and they play a small game together.

10:17 PM IST

Shivashish gets sent to torture chamber

Shivashish gets sent to torture chamber and is told to cut 50 onions.

10:14 PM IST

Salman teases Karanvir

Salman teases Karanvir by saying that he is eliminated. Karanvir gets irritated to know he was joking about it.

10:11 PM IST

Salman says he’ll throw a contestant out on his own

Salman says he will throw out anyone who creates nuisance inside the outside. He calls their behaviour ‘bullsh*t’.

10:03 PM IST

Salman tells contestants to behave themselves

Salman reminds contestants that the show now airs at 9 PM for family audience which means they cannot show violence that happens inside the house.

10:00 PM IST

Salman chides Shristhy

Salman tells Shristy that if even one of her punches had landed on Saba’s face, she would have a police case against her.

9:57 PM IST

Salman talks to contestants about captaincy task

Salman asks who is at fault in the fight between Saba and Shirsty. Most people believe Shristy was at more fault.

9:55 PM IST

Deepak, Shivashish sort out their fight

Deepak and Shivashish take time out to apologize to each other and the latter promises to not get violent again.

9:49 PM IST

Salman shows clip of Sreesanth, Shivashish of planning attack

A clip is shown of Sourabh, Shivasish, Sreesanth planning to kick Deepak in the luxury budget task.

9:45 PM IST

Salman asks why Karanvir didn’t care for Deepak

Karanvir says he thought Deepak was pretending to be hurt to get attention to himself. Contestants called him out for his bias towards Shristy.

9:33 PM IST

Deepak sings a song for Sreesanth

Salman asks Deepak to sing a song he specially composed for Sreesanth. The cricketer gets teary-eyed on hearing the song.

9:27 PM IST

Salman grills Dipika on why she nominated Sreesanth

Salman asks Dipika why she was going around crying in front of every camera and apologising to Sreesanth. She says she wanted him to leave because he wanted to meet his family.

9:22 PM IST

Surbhi says Dipika pretends to be caring

Surbhi says the ‘shatir’ tag is appropriate for Dipika as she pretends to be caring and sweet towards people.

9:19 PM IST

Salman praises Sreesanth on his Hindi

Salman praised Sreesanth for taking more interest in game and his improved Hindi.

9:17 PM IST

Anup says Dipika is cunning

Anup says he knew Dipika has the quality of a leader but he didn’t know she was cunning too.

9:14 PM IST

Anup talks why Dipika nominated Sreesanth

Anup Jalota says Dipika came to realise that Sreesanth has begun taking interest in the game and therefore decided to get him out first.

9:12 PM IST

Salman talks to Sreesanth, Anup

Salman Khan asks Sreesanth and Anup what was the criteria for giving contestants the adjectives they did.

9:08 PM IST

Sreesanth, Anup assess the classification

Sreesanth and Anup assess in outhouse who are better choices for every adjective. They think Nehha is bewakoof, Sourabh is double dholki and Dipika is shaatir.

9:04 PM IST

Contestants gets classified in groups

Salman shows clips from earlier in the day when contestants took part in a task. They get filed under adjectives like shatir, bewakoof, zero and more.

9:00 PM IST

Salman Khan revises the week

Host Salman Khan gets the audience up to date with all that happened through the week.